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One Blue
One Blue
Author: Zeon1
Original run: September 20th, 2013- Ongoing
Chapters: 2 Treasure(s) (Chapters)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Tragedy

One Blue (オーン ブル, Oun Buru) is a One Piece fanon story written by Zeon1. The series takes place in an alternate timeline where the Strawhat Pirates accepted Ace's offer to join the Whitebeard Pirates, and therefore did not have such an impact. The series then follows Knave Dhahaka and his pirate crew as they travel the world, hoping to make their captain the most wanted man in the world. The series attempts to stay close to a manga style format.



Evolution of the SeriesEdit

Cultural LinksEdit

Subject MatterEdit


  • Frost Giants are introduced in the Frostblock Arc, acting as both allies and antagonists. The name, however, is all they really share, as the author has invented most of the habitats and behaviors they exhibit in the story. The author has also announced that mythology will be incorporated more in the New World than in the Grand Line arcs.


  • The story begins in a fictional town located somewhere on the Grand Line, though the town is never named nor is its exact location given.
  • Water 7 is the main setting for the entire second arc of the series.

Pop CultureEdit

  • The Talbot Park Arc is named after Larry Talbot, the protagnist of the 1941 movie The Wolfman. This was chosen mostly due to the appearence of werewolves in the arc and various horror references in it. The arc also takes inspiration from Frank Discheral's Cry of the Werewofl, one of the author's favorite noir superhero novels of all time.


Dream Pirates ArcEdit

One Blue: Treasure 1

One Blue: Treasure 2

One Blue: Treasure 3

Water Seven ArcEdit

One Blue: Treasure 4

One Blue: Treasure 5

One Blue: Treasure 6

One Blue: Treasure 7

One Blue: Treasure 8

Sabari ArcEdit

Deep Blue Arc (Filler, written by Powerhouse411)Edit

Celestial Dragon ArcEdit

Mercuia ArcEdit

Stormpiea ArcEdit

G-20 ArcEdit

Talbot Park ArcEdit

Honoshin ArcEdit

Trap Island ArcEdit

Grove 0 ArcEdit

Flashback ArcEdit

Mariejois ArcEdit

Frostblock ArcEdit

Davy Back Fight ArcEdit

Moriarty ArcEdit


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