Omoi Kumulo, under the alias of Nimbus, is a bounty hunter hailing from a peculiarly small island called Lonely Beach.

He prefers to travel alone, the only exception being a dog-like cloud that he is often seen using to race through the sky. This "pet" is a special type of Hound Cloud from Sky Island. Nimbus often refers to it as Sparky.


Nimbus, at first glance, is somewhat thin, albeit toned. He wears a grey sleeveless shirt with a diamond print across the front, a white belt with a gold buckle, with matching white and gold-brimmed gloves and boots. He also wears a striped scarf around his neck. 

His hair is naturally white. It is short, but still somewhat shaggy. His most notable feature is the bangs on his forehead, pointing up in a "V" shape, similar to that of the crest on a helmet.


Naive, Nimbus is driven by curiosity and a compulsion to lead a just life. Naturally ambivalent in most situations, he has a penchant to worry. This worrying can cause him to give something up before he even tries. He is a decided pacifist, determined that there is always a better way to solve conflict rather than fighting. 

An avid reader, Nimbus has read an entire library of martial arts manuals, despite being the son of an old man who once held his own "Sky Dojo", where competitors from all over the Sky and Blue seas would test their mettle in a weapons-restricted, martial arts tournament. Nimbus, however, regardless of his views on violence, always makes sure he is physically fit with a strict series of daily workouts. 

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