OB stands for Obey, It is a drug that is most times put into candy or a different sweet of some kind to get the victim to eat it more often then if it was in something like a drink. Before it is mixed with anything it is a light silver powder and it taste is a bit sweet and bitter at the same time. Once it has been taking it's affects kick in from 10 to 15 minutes. When that happens the victim will obey anyones order no matter what it is.

OB is made up of different herbs that inhances the brains listening and thought processes. It also has a mood inhancer making it so the victim is calm unless told other wise.

The biggest thing is the victim can break free from it if they know they been giving the drug.

OB is made by an unknown company that like Black Chocolate sells it to anyone no matter who the person is. Be it pirate marine or Revolutionary or someone from an unknown group.

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