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Nuno Nuno no Mi
Japanese Name: ヌノヌノの実
Romanized Name: Nuno Nuno no Mi
English Name: Bandage-Bandage Fruit
Meaning: Cloth; Bandage
Usage Debut: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
User: Mommy

The Nuno Nuno no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate and create bandages, making the user a Bandage Human (包帯人間 Hōtai Ningen?). The fruit was eaten by Mommy. In other translations, the fruit is named Cloth-Cloth Fruit or Bandage-Bandage Fruit.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


However, this Devil Fruit holds several strenghts and advantages. The first one is that the user may trap and tangle the opponents, rendering their movements useless. Another one is that, even though the target may try to cut the bandages, only extremely sharp swords can do so, since the cloth is made of extremely resistant fibers. Because of the weightlessness of the bandages and their flexibility and strength, they easily work as whips. Because of the length the cloth can reach, Mommy can hit several targets, as demonstrated when she knocked down fifty-three enemy pirates at once with a single slash. A unique ability of this Fruit is that the bandages work as snakes, and they can track the enemy, making their control easier.


The Nuno Nuno Devil Fruit has revealed only a few disadvantages. Since they are bandages, a skilled opponent that can read movement and has swift and quick reflexes can grab the bandages and avoid any kind of attacks coming from that bandage. However, Mommy can counter it by summoning other bandages.



  • Miira Muchi: Pharaoh (木乃伊鞭・暴君 (ファラオ) Miira Muchi: Farao?, Literally meaning "Mummy Whip: Tyrant"):
  • Miira Muchi: Pyramid (木乃伊鞭・角錐 (ピラミッド) Miira Muchi: Piramiddo?, Literally meaning "Mummy Whip: Angle Drill"):
  • Miira Muchi: Alibaba (木乃伊鞭・砂英雄 (アリババ) Miira Muchi: Aribaba?, Literally meaning "Mummy Whip: Hero of Sand"):
  • Sabakuryū: Ōgi: Fourty Thieves (砂漠流・奥義・四十人の盗賊 Sabakuryū: Ōgi: Yotonin no Tōzoku?, Literally meaning "Desert Flow: Secret Technique: Fourty Thieves"):
Miira Muchi: Pharaoh
Miira Muchi: Pyramid
Miira Muchi: Alibaba

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