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"He is the most dark hearted monstrosity I have every had the misfortune to come across."- Vice Admiral Gabriel Iustita
Nova Blade
Nova Blade (KDAU)
Physical Age: 25
Real Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Human Clone
Blood type: AB Positive (universal recipient)
Birthdate: 9th February
Height: 6 foot 5 inches (195.58 cm)
Island of Origin: Punk Hazard
Occupation: Pirate, Captain
Epithet: The Morning Star
Crew: 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates
Position: Captain
Family: N/A
Specialism: Sword User, Strategist
Dream: To become the founder of the New Celestial Dragons.
Devil Fruit
Pika Pika no Mi
Japanese Kanji: ピカピカの実
English Name: Glint Glint Fruit
Type: Logia
Power: To create, control, and transform into light at will
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Nova spent this formative years moving between the Divergent Marine Labs on Punk Hazard and various testing grounds set up for their use.

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