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"He is the most dark hearted monstrosity I have every had the misfortune to come across."- Vice Admiral Gabriel Iustita
Nova Blade
Nova Blade (KDAU)
Physical Age: 25
Real Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Human Clone
Blood type: AB Positive (universal recipient)
Birthdate: 9th February
Height: 6 foot 5 inches (195.58 cm)
Island of Origin: Punk Hazard
Occupation: Pirate, Captain
Epithet: The Morning Star
Crew: 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates
Position: Captain
Family: N/A
Specialism: Sword User, Strategist
Dream: To become the founder of the New Celestial Dragons.
Devil Fruit
Pika Pika no Mi
Japanese Kanji: ピカピカの実
English Name: Glint Glint Fruit
Type: Logia
Power: To create, control, and transform into light at will
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Nova Blade is an attempted human weapon created by the Divergent Marines from the blood of Marshall D. Teach. During his growth he was trained, altered and experimented upon in order to make him more compliant, as well as appear and act less like the original. However the alterations failed with regards to compliance and the weapon escaped the labs where he was created. With no name to call his own he took on the name of the project to create him, so named for their hope to create a weapon as powerful as a star, Project: Nova Blade.

After his escape Nova sought out the Blackbeard Pirates in order to find the man from whom he was created. His extensive training in the New World, allowed him a level of freedom of movement few ever experience on the second half of the Grand Line. A freedom which he used to chase down the Blackbeard Pirates, where he discovered that Blackbeard had died during one of the many pirate against marine battles after the rise of the second pirate king.

After this discovery he used he power to take control of the Blackbeard Pirates and reform them to his own purpose. During this time he gained his epithet "The Morning Star" for his penchant for attacking targets in the darkest hour before dawn using his Pika Pika no Mi abilities.


Due to the alterations Nova


Nova Blade (KDAU) 2

Nova overlooking a battle below

Honorable MentionEdit

  • An honorable mention to 1NF3RNO who initially suggested the use of this particular character name.

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