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Niziol Nuppeppō (ニヂオル・ヌッペッポー Nidjioru Nuppeppō) is one of the Marines' Vice Admiral.


Niziol Nuppeppō is a very, very tall man, in fact, the tallest member of the Marines. He is a massive and heavily muscular man with tan skin. He has a distinctive look. His face is very robust and he has big, bushy eyebrows. His eyes are small and black. He wears a beard, shaved like four spikes.

In terms of wardrobe, he is seen wearing, unlike most Vice Admirals, traditional Japanese clothings instead of more western-styled outfits. He is not seeing the coat that represents his rank, as he teared it off during a fight. Instead, he wears a black kosode and hakama, with special decorative garbs, similar to wraps around his body, colored purple and golden, with detailed decorations. He also wears a beaded necklace and gauntlets. He also has his head wrapped, only showing his face.

Most of the time, he is seen carrying a monk staff, which he uses in combat, but he also stated that he likes to walk around with it.

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Abilities and PowersEdit

Overall AbilitiesEdit

Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Main Article: Ase Ase no Mi

The Ase Ase no Mi (汗汗の実 Literally meaning "Sweat-Sweat Fruit"), as the name indicates, allows the user to gain special abilities throughout sweat. Unlike other Devil Fruits, it doesn't control sweat, but instead, allows those that ate it to increase their overall power after they start sweating. When the user sees a drip of sweat, they unleash a devastating energy wave that, after setting, reveals the user with their muscles completely pumped. But, such great power implies a geat disadvantage. It doesn't have any physical flaws or power-related disadvantages, but psychological ones. The user, for as dirty as it might have been, after eating the fruit, turns into a germophobe, having a strange disorder for absolute cleanliness. So, it makes it harder to sweat, as they bathe more regularly.


While he wasn't seen using it, it is known that every Vice Admiral is capable of using Haki.



  • His last name, Nuppeppō, is named after a Japanese folklore Yōkai, Nuppeppō, who was said to have a foul stench. This trait reflects in Niziol's power.

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