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"Did you know I'm human?"

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"Muffler of the Soundless Murder" (無声殺人のマフラー Musei Satsujin no Mafurā?) is a pirate from East Blue, a skilled assassin and the First Mate of the Slick Pirates.


Muffler is, by far, the most intriguing, unique and creepy-looking pirate from his crew. He is not a regular human, he is a kind of puppet. His body was designed and modified by Dr. Mad. He does, although, hide his body under a traditional, black, Chinese clothing.

He is usually in a rather strange pose, resembling a traditional Asian arm pose, but with his arms much higher, at the height of his upper chest. He also has several marble-sized circles through his head, which are actually energy detectors. He's got nineteen of them. By using them, he can detect the enemy's location without the need of seeing them. His arm can also open laterally, revealing a poison needles dispenser, controlled by strings on the palm of his hands.


Muffler's hidden weapons

Personality and RelationshipsEdit




Abilities and PowersEdit

Overall AbilitiesEdit



  • Hidden Needle Dispenser:
  • Energy Detectors:



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