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Moriarty working
Name Moriarty
Kanji モリャーチ
Rōmaji Moria-ti
Race Human
Birthdate September 19th
Age 32

Male Male

Height 6'2"
Weight 221 lbs.
Eye Color Blackish-green
Hair Color Green
Blood Type F
Unusual Features Odd scar on the back of lower neck.
Professional Status
Affiliation Ukiyo-e
Previous Affiliation World Government
Occupation Scientist
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Status Semi-Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Alignment Evil
Bounty 2
Haki Haoshoku
Rokushiki Soru
Devil Fruit None
Come little lambs.... Good Doctor Moriarty has a surprise for you...

Moriarty (モリャーチ, Moria-ti) is the world's leading expert on the study and practical use of Haki. Originally working for the government, he later abandons them in favor of a "new position". What this position is has not been revealed. Moriarty is also the founder of the Human Awakening Project (though he is still under the jurisdiction of Scorpio).

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