The man with a passion for justice. Nobody talking about Mason.

Mason is a young man who found Marshall D. Tack in the woods with Tobias. He later became a marine, and his whereabouts are unknown.


He is a young man, who is somewhat skinny. He wears a black suit, and also wore a marine coat, when he became one. He has blue eyes, and has short brown hair.


He seems to be calm and smart, unless he is with Tobias, who he fights all the time with. He does want to be a marine, suggesting he loves justice.

He does however, respect his friends opinions, such as letting then go when they wanted to be pirates.


Being able to stop one of the punches from Tack, at a young age albeit, with ease suggest high power. He also may be able to know Haki, talking about it. He was shown using Haki, in his fight with Tobias. He could be immensly powerful, being able to fight Tobias, and even defeat him in multiple fights, but has lost many other fights.

Tobias said something about him being able to 'cut people up'. What this means is unknown.

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