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"Did you know I'm human?"

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Mest (メスト Mesuto?) is the main protagonist of the fanon series of One Piece, "One Piece: New Begginings".



Mommy's current wanted poster.
Mest's mugshot.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit


The Devil Fruit in action.

Further information: Bake Bake no Mi, Model: Direwolf

Much like the rest of his pirate crew, Mest ate a Devil Fruit, allowing him to gain supernatural abilities. In his case, he consumed the Bake Bake no Mi, Model: Direwolf. is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, that was eaten by Mest. This Zoan fruit allows the user to take the humanoid form of a direwolf, somehow resembling a werewolf. In this form, he gains tremendous power, capable of overwhelming a Marines' captain with a couple of attacks. However, the user must be careful while using the fruit's powers, due to the enormous pressure the body is subdued to.

The disadvantages of this Fruit are not only the standard ones. After a long use of this fruit, Mest must sleep after using it, due to the force utilized in that form.


Test Subject in G-4Edit


Mest as a former test subject in G-4.

Major BattlesEdit




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