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Name: マリモ (Marimo)
Age: 41 (Deceased)
Occupation: Pirate
Crew: Marimo Pirates
Position: Captain (former)
Former Bounty:


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Marimo was a pirate and original captain of the Marimo Pirates. He used to rule over the small village island, Mossball Island, before being killed by Kazar's wrath. As the tyrant of the said island, he was the true antagonist of the Mossball Arc.


Marimo was shown very, very brielfy through the shadows in Kazar's flashback. From what little details that could be seen, Marimo was a tall, muscular man with a greyish-green afro, wearing what seemed to be a simple T-shirt.


Marimo was a cruel man who wished to take over an island simply because of its name. He also killed anyone who resisted or refused to pay his "taxes."

Abilities and PowersEdit

His skills are unknown; as he had a bounty of Bsymbol60,000,000, he is presumed to have had a great deal of strength and skills. However, he was weak enough to be killed by a single thunder strike.



Marimo was a great enemy of the Mossball villagers, before being killed by Kazar.


Marimo, who had killed Kazar's parents, was hated most by Kazar. However, this grudge was releaved of once he killed the pirate.


About 10 years before the current storyline, Marimo attacked and successfully ruled over Mossball Island in the Grand Line, demanding money. He struck fear into every villager in the whole village, and even killed a few who refused or couldn't pay.


  • Marimo's ruling over Mossball Island is a reference to his name, which means "mossball" in japanese.
    • His ruling over Mossball Island is because of this; he felt offended by the name, and decided to rule it as his territory.

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