Lous Stufford

  • At the time no higher rank marine is around

Age: 26

Species: Human
Blood type: B-
Birthdate: 11/17
Height: 5/8
Weight: 165 LBS
Island of Origin:  unknown islasnd calm belt
Occupation: Marine

Epithet:  Bitch Lous

Crew: ?
Position:  Marine Commander
Family: ?
Dream:  To become adrmil the easy way
Page created by:


Lous is a 26 year old marine commander who likes to get her own way. If she does not get her way she tends to scream at whoever is nearby or charging them with crimes they didn't commet. She enjoys making those around her do whatever she orders them and goes as far as taking credit for someone elses work letting her get the rank commander.


Lous outfit is like most maines blue pants and a white dress shirt. However she also wears a commanders coat over the shirt and black boots that have blood stains on them from her kicking the marines lower ranked then her. She also has a blue handle sword that rests on her left hip when it's not in use. Lous when not wearing the stander marine outfit wears black dresses which after being ranked Commander she tends to wear them more often. Though she doesn't wear it when a higher rank marine is around.


Lous behaves like a spoiled brat and if she doesn't get her way she will either kill the one making her not get her way or tell lies about the person making them wanted. She also treats all those around her like they are trash, And goes as far as telling a five year old that it was her fault her parents died in a pirate raid. She hates children and anyone that tries to agure with her. Lous also cares less about commer people and believes anyone whos are not nobles or marines are nothing but scum that needs to rot.

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Your the reason your parents died, If it wasn't for you everyone you loved would still be alive. *to a five year old*


This lovely character is based off my little sister, When she doesn't get her way she likes to cause trouble.

I will be more or less editing her when wanting to get feelings out cause of sis.

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