Japanese Name: Kaosu no shihai-sha
English Name: Lords Of Chaos
Main Ship: Satan's Warmonger
Warmaster: Drakath
Total Bounty: Unknown



Soon after Drakath ate the Kaosu Kaosu no Mi devil fruit, his home island fell into ruin, with one quarter engaged in genocide, another in all-consuming pleasure, the third in corrupting black magic, and the last in biological warfare. Soon virtually all of the island was dead and abandoned. Drakath took to the seas as a pirate with a new control over his powers and a desire to be the pirate king.

more coming soon...


Drakath (Warmaster)Edit

Drakath is the Warmaster, or what most pirates would call the captain. He created the group and will lead them to places that he knowns that he could take, and would make sure they were safe from his corrupting power.

more soon....

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