Lora's life was a living hell since a week after she was born. Her mother dying just after giving birth to her and then she was left at a marine base. She never really knew much of the outside world) due to the room/rooms she spent most of her time in. However she did read all she could while not being experimented on or wasn't being trained in the most painful was. The only reason they let her read was becuase it kept her somewhat happy/quiet. However they didn't know she was reading so that one day she could break out and finally be free.

Escaping from Hell!

Broken dreams? Escaping from Hell!!

Stopping a threat?

Stopping the threat. A demon becoming a hero?

Freedom in the sky! Am I dieing?

Flying free in the sky! Chasing a Dream?

Crashing on the land of snow? Being treated by a reindeer!

Crashing on Drum Island? Meeting a talking reindeer!

Flames of a hero? Meeting the StrawHat Pirates!

One sea the movie, Curse of the legend stone!

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