Lora D. Storm

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Age: 17

Species: Human (SuperNova)
Blood type: F
Height: 5/7
Weight: *glares at interviewer*
Island of Origin: ?

Epithet: Storm Demon

Crew: ?
Position: ?
Family: ?
Current Bounty: [1] 70,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: [2] 70,000,000

Reason:Destroying two bases while also

attacking three villages,While killing people in all three.

Real reason: Escaping from a marien base,

Destroyng marine base and also destroying

marine ship while escaping.

Page created by: Caring16

There's nothing i want more then to be free. But i won't sell out a friend for freedom. That's not who i am. If being caught will help save a friend. You bet i would hand myself in in a heartbeat. Being free is about sharing it with the ones i care about. But if one is caught i'll go to the ends of the world to to get them back. So lets do this. Lora D. Storm


Lora before escaping was a weapon for the WG. After escaping she begain her life on the run. The way she acts makes others wonder if she really is a heartless Demon. However that is just an act as it has been seen that Lora will step in harms way to protect small children.


Before escaping Lora wore a simple white gown. However after escaping she wears blue jeans and white shirts until she steals black pants and blue to purple shirts. Having her hair up it is easy to move and hardly ever wears anything on her feet. A stone necklace is always around her neck and two bags rest on her back. When she has her wings out they fit nicely making it easy to fly even with the bags on her back.

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