Lee Universe
Lee Universe
Point in the Timeline: 10 years after current timeline
Protagonist: Tyson M. Dragon


The Lee's Universe takes palce 10 years after after Monkey D. Luffy found legendary treasure One Piece and became Pirate King. After pirate Captain and Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy together with his crew founded One Piece, the young boy bornin Lee's Universe and he swore to become King of the Pirates. In this universe battles are normal, the effect's of the permanent battles are that all pirates in this universe are incredibly strong.


Tyson M. DragonEdit

Tyson M. Dragon is the main protagonist of this universe. He possess powers that aren't normal for his age and he also possess Devil Fruit that has power of Earth. The name of that Devil Fruit is Daichi Daichi no Mi, or on english "Earth-Earth Fruit".

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Devil FruitsEdit

The use of Devil Fruits in this universe is not so big as it was during Great Pirate Age. In this universe there are some formerly used Devil Fruits and some newly founded Devil Fruits. Some of Devil Fruits in Lee's Universe are:

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