The Kyojin Kyojin no Mi, Moderu: Asteria (Giant Giant Fruit, Model: Asteria) is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit which bestows upon its consumer the ability to shift between three forms. The first from is the consumer's initial form. The second form is a hybrid between the first form and the third form. The third form is a beautiful woman whose size indisputably dwarfs even the height of Sanjuan Wolf himself. It was eaten by an unknown individual.


Whilst within either his or her second form or his or her third form, the consumer possesses the ability to

It should also be noted that the immensity of the third form will allow the consumer to wreak havoc with ease.


First and foremost, the consumer suffers from the standard weaknesses of Devil Fruits. Also, whether he or she wants to or not, the consumer conjures a meteor into impacting upon anyone and anything he or she verbally makes a correct prediction about. Lastly, whilst within his or her third form, the consumer is an easy target because of his or her size.


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