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Kumo Kumo no Mi

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Japanese Name:クモクモの実"Kumokumonomi"
English Name: Storm Storm Fruit
Meaning: Literally a cloud.
Type: Logia
Power: Gives the user the ability to turn into a storm cloud.
Eaten By: Kazar
Story / Creator: Alphadhbeta

The Kumo Kumo no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a dark rain cloud. Using the attributes of the rain cloud, the user can summon windstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, and even blizzards and hailstorms. The variety of attacks have made several characters note this fruit as near invincible, even among Logia fruits.


The fruit can be used to transform the user into storm clouds, thus giving the ability to summon windstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, snowstorms, hailstorms, and by altering the environment, even sandstorms, firestorms, and maelstroms.


The user is granted, by the fruit, the ability to create massive storms of anykind, by wind, water, snow/ice, and electricity. Below is a list of possible storms:

Using windstorms, Kazar can create not only gusts but also maelstroms, tsunamis, and even sandstorms and duststorms. With a bit of rain, snowstorms and hailstorms are available, as well. Finally, thunderstorms can provide firestorms as well.


One of the biggest weaknesses of this fruit is that extremely cold air can cause the cloud to instantly rain down (condense) as water, thus negating the cloud. Instant freezing can also cause the cloud to become nothing more than a chunk of ice, although it can be used to create an effect similar to the Hie Hie no Mi.

Other than that, the user is affected, like all other Logia Devil Fruits, by Busoshoku Haki, and the standard Devil Fruit weakness.

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