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"Did you know I'm human?"

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You all neglect what is unfair in life. You smile as if the simple fact that you show happiness would cleanse the world from its evil. Then tell me one thing, with your endless optimism... if life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?!
— Kless Adelsperger to Jutta Cheon and Mest.

Kless Adelsperger (クレス・アデルスペルガー Kuresu Aderusuperugā) is a member of the KISHI organization, a group of strong fighters who intend to steal the Marines' spot as the strongest military force in the world.


Kless is a young boy, with only 16 years, with silver, long hair and blue eyes. He has a very basic appearance. He is tall and has a well-built body.

In terms of clothing, Kless wears strong and resistant armor, made out of solid gold, which he shares with his fellow members of the KINSHI organization. This armor represents their superior value over the simple clothes of the marines. Under his golden armor, he can be seen blue clothes.

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