Keana Keana no Mi
[[Keana Fruit|250px]]
Japanese Name: 毛穴毛穴の実
Romanized Name: Keana Keana no Mi
English Name: Pore-Pore Fruit
Meaning: Pores
Usage Debut: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
User: Demeter Jackson

The Keana Keana no Mi (毛穴毛穴の実 Pore-Pore Fruit?) is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows the user to increase the size of their pores and then store things inside them. This is similar to the unnamed Devil Fruit possessed by Blamenco of the Whitebeard Pirates, it was eaten by Demeter Jackson.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


The major ability that this fruit grants the user is the ability to expand their pores-which are extremely tiny holes on the skin-and store any object imaginable inside the holes. No matter what size the object, when stored, the user's body size shall not change in any way. The stored objects can also be released at any time.

The fruits main weakness is that the user cannot store living beings such as humans, plants or animals as the user's body has not adapted to sustain any life other than it's own.

Only one object can be stored in a pore at a time, meaning that in the very unlikely situation that all of the user's pores have been filled with objects, they cannot absorb any more objects, they also cannot store water or Kairoseki, unless they are contained in a a bottle or jar of some sorts.

The user of this devil fruit suffers from the standard devil fruit weakness.


The fruits powers, as used by Demeter, have been used in a number of ways. He stores various items and weaponry inside his pores such as batons and staffs which he uses to attack the enemy. He has also shown to absorb items and attacks on the spot, such as bullets, weapons and even other Devil Fruit abilities. He also demonstrates the ability to use his pores' suction powers to stick to walls, ceilings and other surfaces unreachable to ordinary humans.


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