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Name: カザル(Kazaru)
Age: 21 (Pre-Time skip) 23 (Post-Time skip)
Birthdate: August 29th
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Island of Origin: Mossball Island
Occupation: Marine
Epithet: "The Weather Controller"
Crew: G-12 Unit 3
Position: Lieutenant Commander, Navigator
  • Town Elder of Mossball (Grandfather)
Current Bounty:


Dream: To achieve the highest possible level of world peace.
Devil Fruits: Kumo Kumo no Mi
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Abilities and PowersEdit


Kazar, when not using his Devil Fruit powers to fight, uses boxing. It should be noted that he was the best boxer on Mossball, and was thus respected for his skills.

Devil Fruit: Kumo Kumo no MiEdit

Following Kazar's consumption of the Kumo Kumo no Mi on Mossball, he gained the ability to become a rain cloud. Not only that, he can also summon a variety of storms, like windstorms, thunderstorms, and rainstorms.


Kazar apparently has studied extensive meteorology to the point that he was able to precisely foresee a maelstrom.


He was also able to correctly deduce the fact that there was a Devil Fruit user between Bromine Halogen and Iodine, due to their "coordinates" on the battleship being the furthest from the edges.



  • Regular Skills
  • Boxing


Furai (風籟 Fūrai): Kazar's signature attack. Kazar summons wind upon the battlefield, which can range from a simple gust to a mighty gale. This was first seen being used against Iodine. Fūrai means "sound of the wind," which the attack literally makes. Furai, on the other hand means "fly," which the attack can cause.

  • Furai: Sound of Fire (風籟: Fūrai: Hi no Oto): Kazar uses Furai with large amounts of fire existing, to summon a massive firestorm. This was first seen being used against Iodine.

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