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Kata Kata no Mi

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Japanese Name: カタカタの実"Katakatanomi"
English Name: Stiff Stiff Fruit
Meaning: Literally to harden.
Type: Paramecia
Power: Gives the user the ability to harden stuff.
Eaten By: Ferrum Eisen
Story / Creator: Alphadhbeta

The Kata Kata no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to melt stuff at will. Kata is the Japanese word for "harden."


The fruit's main usage resides in battle, mainly by hardening objects to increase offensive and defensive potential.

First, the user can harden itself to increase defensive potential. Any blunt and cutting attacks will simply bounce off; this renders the user a near indestructable human shield to physical attackers. However, as proved by Alpha, any non-physical attack can bypass the armor, such as fire.

Second, the user can harden other objects to increase offensive potential. Plain items, such as simple wooden sticks, can instantly become metallic weapons that can break through basically anything. Of course, the user can harden itself to attack as well.

And both inside and outside of battle, the user can cause friction like flint to make fire.


One of the greatest benefits of having this fruit is having both the defensive and offensive edge. As said before, simply hardening oneself and weapons can result in a huge difference in combat potential, even breaking through unbreakable armor.


However, as stated above, any non-physical attacks, such as fire, can bypass the armor and affect the user. Therefore, the user must still be careful against users who can preform ranged attacks, and even more so for Logia-type fruit users.

Though not technically a weakness, there are still other means of attaining this fruit's powers, such as mastering the Rokushiki technique Tekkai and/or Busoshoku Haki. Therefore, true masters of combat may have powers on par with, or even superior powers to this fruit, which simply negates the purpose of even eating this fruit.

Other than that, the user is still affected by the same standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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