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"The Inventor"


(Real name: Kara Mell)


Pre time~skip age: 15

Post time~skip age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Blood type: A

Birthdate: 11/9

Height: "5" foot "8"

Weight: 150 lb

Birthplace: ???

Occupation: Vegapunk's Assistant (former) Freelance Mechanic and Shichibukai (Current)

English Voice Actor:

Laura Bailey

Family: ???

Current Bounty: 100,000,000 Beli

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Beli 100,000,000

Reason: Stealing top secret blueprints for weapons, cyborgs, and robots from the marines.

2nd bounty: Beli 890,000,000

Reason: The murder of Vice Admirals, Onigumo, Strawberry, Stainless, Doberman, and Comil.

Dream: To create the strongest robot ever and become the greatest inventor

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Kara has purple hair, wears a green cap over it. she also wears a bra outside of her shirt, and wears a green shirt that is almost open in the front with slits where the shoulders are.


Kara has created _ inventions so far

Invention 1: Steel Layer Bow or SLB

Abilities: Whatever it hits becomes steel.

Invention 2: Robo A.1

Abilities: A very mechanical looking robot which only has a knowledge of 3 words, Crush, Destroy, And Murder.

Invention 3: Robo A.2

Abilities: A human looking robot who has human emotions but inhuman strength. He can become a weapon at will.

Invention 4: Steel Glove 1.A

Abilities: Kara can put this on herself to be coated in steel and still be able to move. So this strengthens her attacks.

Invention 5: Madness Chip

Abilities: Whenever this microchip is planted on a person this person will go mad.

Invention 6: Sinner (Minion Minion Fruit Model: Sin)

Abilities: A hammer that imprints a mark on the target and transforms them into one of the seven sins. giving them unique powers and a new personality, and their loyalty goes to kara.

Invention 7: Sea Stone Goop Gun

Abilities: It is the same as normal sea stone except in a liquid form that can be shot out of a rifle.


Kara is very flirty, as you can tell since she wears her bra over her shirt. She is also very calculating and cold hearted. She usually attracts men and then leaves them heartbroken. She is also very gentle and kind sometimes.

Love Info: She only likes people like her. (So anybody who prefers using their looks as weapons, or advantages. Also people who like dirty things.)


Kara usually uses her robots to do her bidding, but when she is in a dangerous situation she uses her crossbow. The arrows coat the thing they hit in a thin layer of steel.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Kara has an insane amount of intelligence and uses it to its full potential. She is very cunning and always plans her actions. She uses her crossbow with her strange arrows, as well as being able to use all forms of rokushiki to an insane amount. She is extremely popular with men. She also has an amazing understanding of haki and can use all 3 kinds.


Hahaha, you men are so foolish....


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