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(Real name: Kame Rosutaka)


Kame Rosutaka

Pre time~skip age: 18

Post time~skip age: 20

Gender: ♂

First appearance: Tea party time, In Hell?

Species: Human

Blood type: AB

Birthdate: 4/12

Height: "6" foot "4"

Weight: 140 lb

Birthplace: Amataresu Island, New world.

Occupation: Captian of the Dollhouse Pirates

Family: ???

Current Bounty: 300,000,000 Beli

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Beli 300,000,000

Reason: Capturing 4 commodores in his doll trap, and using them as a bomb to burn off a vice admiral's leg.

Dream: to create "The Ultimate Dollhouse"

Devil Fruit

Japanese name: Doruhaosu Doruhaosu No Mi

English name: Dollhouse Dollhouse Fruit

Type: Paramecia

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