Juo Juo no Mi(Beast King Beast King Fruit) a Mythical Zoan Fruit which has powers similar to a Logia. It's can turn others into beasts that reflect there nature, but cannot control the transformation. It can affect Devil Fruit users and alter their powers. Drowning the user is the best way to regain control of this and he cannot control Devil Fruit users, Haki users, Fishman, and Mermaid etc.. The users powers have no effect on Haki users period though. Fishman go and Mermaid go primal, but Mermaids are still usually rather peaceful afterwords, but the fact remains. He is a devil fruit user and if he goes under water for even a nano second EVERYONE is free from his grasp. The form the user takes is a Lion Like only bigger. The user gets a hybrid state like the a regular zoan.

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