"Pilgrim Clay" Joseph
Japanese Name: "ジョセフゴードン
English Name: Joseph Goronm
First Appearance: ---
Affliations: Unstable Pirates
Occupations: PirateCaptain
Epithet: "69 Manpower" ("69マンパワー"アックス"69 Man PAWA" Akkusu ?)
Japanese VA:
Funimation English VA:
Age: N / D
Birthday: April 13th
Height: 179.62 centimetres (6 "0 ')
Bounty: [1]163,000,000

Joseph GoronmEdit

Joseph Goronm is the captain of the Unstable Pirates. He is playful and sometimes boring, but in battle he is much more serious. His bounty [2] is 163 million. He is the consumer of the Nendo Nendo no Mi (Clay Clay Fruit). Because of it, he is known as Akuma (Clay Pilgrim). 


He is tall with light skin, and blonde hair and amber eyes. He wears jeans, a shirt and brown shoes. Using the skill "clay face" he can change his appearance.


He is an amateur fighter with a more instinctive style. He has a straight forward style of fighting. His Devil Fruit allows him to transform his arms into weapons like axes and maces. With the ability of the Nendo Nendo no Mi, he can turn into, manipulate and create clay. He uses this ability to make punches and kicks stronger, and using Busoshoku Haki makes his punches become even more powerful.


His weakness are those of a normal Devil Fruit user. Additionally when his clay gets wet, it gets very muddy.

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