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Jolly D. Chris

Post-Time Skip Jolly D. Chris

Pre-Time Skip Jolly D. Chris

Japanese Name: ジョリーD.クリス
Romanized Name: Jorī D. Kurisu
English Name: Jolly D. Chris
Affiliations: The Jolly Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain; Entertainer
Epithet: Fart Boy (おならボーイ Onara Bōi?);
Stinky Chris (臭いクリス Nioi Kurisu?);
Clay Man Chris (クレイマンクリス Kurei Man Kurisu?);
Idiot (バカ Baka?)
Age: 18 (Debut)
20 (after timeskip)
Birthday: April 15th (Leonardo da Vinci's birthday)
Height: 165cm (5'5")
Bounty: Bsymbol300,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Nendo Nendo no Mi
English Name: Clay-Clay Fruit
Meaning: Clay
Type: Logia

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Chris appears to be blessed with tremendous, superhuman strength, as he has shown to clearly be able to punch and kick his way through things such as bedrock, buildings, large trees, and even through ships. It was explained that ever since he was young, after the loss of his parents at the hands of the king, Majestic T. Decaden, on the island kingdom of Aspara, Chris obsessively trained his body nonstop, so that one day he'd be strong enough to avenge his loss. Therefore, when he became a bit older, Chris had already reached a ludicrous degree of strength, speed, and resilience that surpasses most other people. However, as it was shown later on, the military might that Decaden possessed was something Chris overlooked, which effectively shut down his plan on attacking the king. Even with his Devil Fruit, which he had eaten for this exact occasion, Chris was outnumbered and overpowered.

Nonetheless, after receiving some much needed aid in dethroning Decaden, Chris would later go out to sea and put his strength to its true test. Chris' strength seems rather massive to some degree, as he has been shown capable of punching out large sea kings with one hit, and even lifting cannons and cannonballs alike bare-handed. Chris' strength was truly at its best when he ended up fighting his future cook, Hanuman, who had the strength to rival that of a fishman, and when he fought Vice Admiral Tombstone Grim, who was able to use the Rokushiki technique, Tekkai. Even when up against Grim's Tekkai, Chris managed to at least push the Vice Admiral back by a good foot or two. When fighting the pirate known as No Beard, who had temporarily robbed Chris of his Devil Fruit powers, Chris still managed to put up a decent fight without his Clay Clay Fruit. He even managed to hold off a rock slide started by No Beard, and, without his Devil Fruit, managed to support a large pile of boulders on his back for quite some time before help arrived.

When using his Clay Clay Fruit in combination with his Haki, Chris can become a mighty force to be reckoned with. By making clever use of his strength, speed, unpredictability, versatility, and the effects of his Devil Fruit and Haki, Chris has shown that he can easily surpass his traditional limits when necessary. One such feat Chris was capable of, was stopping Grim's rather large Rankyaku: Splitting Wall technique bare-handed, with only one hand. He later then outdid himself when he managed to cause some damage to Grim while the latter was using Tekkai, a feat of strength that he couldn't even do naturally. Though when he was later pursued by Marine Admiral, Akainu, Chris was only capable of making a hasty retreat alongside his crewmates and Titan Bach; given Akainu was far too strong to take on at the time.

To go with his unnatural strength, Chris spent an equal amount of time building up his speed and agility. By increasing the strength of his muscles for physical power, he also added the strength necessary for him to reach superhuman speeds, albeit he was completely unaware of this at the time. Albeit, like with his strength, his speed enhancements did little to help him defeat Decaden's army, as while he was able to outrun one man, he was unable to outrun an entire group by himself. That, and while his reflexes were great enough to help him avoid gunfire and other forms of assault from the royal guard, it would take the assistance of a pirate crew to eventually help Chris defeat Decaden and his guards. In particular, Chris' speed, agility, and reflexes weren't enough to help him defeat Decaden's most powerful soldiers, the co-captains of his royal guard and his most competent personal bodyguards, the Two Shields, as they're called, Rex Kong (the Right Shield) and Mira (the Left Shield.) Though with the pirates aiding him, Chris was finally able to defeat Rex Kong in a fair, one-on-one fight, before moving on to try and dethrone Decaden.

After heading out to sea and forming his own pirate crew, Chris' agility truly began to make itself apparent. Memorable feats included being capable of punching and kicking at such speeds, that he could make it appear he had multiple arms and legs, as was seen with his Clay Clay Multi-Fist technique. Chris also proved capable of leaping freely about during his time at Lucky 7, as he made his way closer to Hanuman, who at the time was kidnapped and in need of rescuing. While there, Chris jumped from rooftop to rooftop, and once he was inside one of the gambling casinos, he had managed to jump ten feet in the air from a standing position and land on a railing overlooking the floor below, before leaping off of that and going straight into a hurried dash down a corridor ahead of him. And during the Davy Back Fight he had against Dieu-le-Veut Veronica, he had managed to react swiftly enough to avoid the quick and precise Zueton particle beams Veronica had been firing at him during their match. Beams, which, were as fast as electricity.

Even without his Devil Fruit, such as when No Beard shaved it away with the Shave Shave Fruit, Chris seems to be naturally flexible, thus indicating he may have grown adjusted to his Devil Fruit's flexibility powers over time. This was most clearly seen by how Chris managed to quickly dodge every slash No Beard threw out at him, making Chris' movements look somewhat similar to the Kami-e technique. Even at uncomfortably close ranges, spanning only inches in distance, Chris' combined speed and flexibility have allowed him to avoid attacks that might be too much for even him to handle. Although he still has his limits, such as when he attempted to avoid a laser blast shot at him from Isaac Giovanni, which was capable of at least blowing Chris backward from the force of the shockwave emitted from the laser's impact.

Alongside his strength and speed, Chris' initial training back on Aspara was also meant to toughen him up so that he wouldn't flinch as easily to powerful attacks, as well as giving him the stamina to continue any prolonged strenuous activity, such as running at top speed or lifting heavy objects for indefinite amounts of time. While this proved useful at first, given how Chris showed he was more than capable of handling Rex Kong's Wild Style Kung-Fu, a form of fighting heavily implied to cause as much pain as possible while still retaining the agility seen in a fighting style like Monkey Style Kung-Fu, Chris eventually began to buckle under the combined forces of Kong's Zoan-enhanced physical strength, and the versatile powers of Mira's Empty Empty Fruit. It wasn't until the pirates Chris befriended eventually showed up to lend a helping hand, and thus allow Chris to move on to finally avenging his fellow islanders.

After becoming captain of The Jolly Pirates, Chris later began showing the true extents of how far he could push his body before giving out. The most clear examples being the many fights Chris had gotten into, where, in spite of the inhuman amounts of damage and injury he sustained in each of them, he still managed to get back onto his feet as if nothing had happened. When battling Hanuman at Ape Island alongside his crew, Chris was able to withstand numerous beatings from the immensely powerful bigfoot, who roughly had almost as much strength as Chris himself at the time, not to mention the usage of Hanuman's Haki and Bigfoot Muay-Thai, a fighting style meant to create enormous amounts of damage and destruction in its wake. Additionally, despite his attempts to avoid them at all costs, Chris managed to stay on his feet no matter how many times he was struck by Veronica's Zap Zap Fruit attacks during their match in their Davy Back Fight, even though the techniques were essentially electric discharge at lethal voltages. And even after the time skip and reuniting with his crew, when Chris ended up in battle against Yeren, the captain of The Collosal Pirates, who was revealed to be half giant and half bigfoot, Chris was able to take direct blows from Yeren't physical strikes and continue on fighting afterward.

Chris' stamina became the most apparent after the battle with Yeren of The Collossal Pirates. After a grueling and difficult battle with the giant bigfoot, and knowing he needed to get back to his crew, whom he had ordered to head to Fishman Island and wait for him in the New World while he battled Yeren, Chris defiantly climbed the entirety of the Red Line and crossed it in one go before falling down from its dizzying heights back towards his waiting crew below. Although it seems Chris is undefeatable in this regard, he seems to still have one underlying weakness that all Logia Devil Fruit users share. When pain is inflicted upon Chris, through uses such as submerging him in water, applying seastone to him, or simply using Busoshoku Haki to hit him, Chris will be unable to adjust to the pain after not experiencing it for so long, that it will cripple him momentarily. This and his overconfidence in his Devil Fruit's powers was what lead to his inevitable downfall shortly before the time skip. After his training with Shanks however, Chris has shown that he is now more resilient to pain, and can shrug it off more easily than before.

While Chris has great physical endurance, and can last long in fights and other physical activities, Chris lacks the strength to ward off deadly diseases and poisons, thus making him very vulnerable in this regard, much like any regular person. Likewise, as shown during some fights he's been in, a lack of nutrition can easily cripple Chris, and make him more prone to damage and injury if he isn't careful. Thus, he usually always keeps himself completely healthy before a big fight by eating large quantities of food, drinking lots of water, or even sometimes doing both simultaneously, given whatever situation he's currently in and will face next. Thus, if Chris is feeling hungry or thirsty in the middle of a fight, he will grow significantly weaker, and lack the same enthusiasm and forceful strength as before. This can only be alleviated by somehow managing to get some food and water back into his system, and thus allowing him to continue his battle with renewed vigor. The only thing Chris seems to be able to handle just fine on his own, is the ability to endure extended periods at a time where he has had no proper sleep or rest. He has remarked that this ability probably sprung up, due to him rarely getting a chance to sleep when he was younger, as he was always on the run from Decaden's royal guard at the time. Nevertheless, this one trait has proven to be especially useful to Chris, as it has allowed him to keep up with his activities, no matter how worn out he may be at the current moment.

Fighting StyleEdit

Chris seems to possess very mediocre swordsmanship, even when doing his best in a fight. Not a lot can be said about his swordsmanship, as Chris rarely makes use of it, though it seems what little skill he has is thanks to his Devil Fruit, the Clay Clay Fruit. By transforming his limbs and solidifying them into solid clay, then turning them into bladed weapons, Chris has managed to show fairly standard signs of talent in using a sword, spear, ax, or any other kind of bladed instrument. However, Chris lacks the ability to create compressed air blades with them, and he is unable to hear or sense the rhythm of the environment around him, thus making him unable of cutting through objects such as steel, among other things. Chris doesn't seem to mind too much though, as he only uses blades whenever he feels like it, and seems to prefer hand-to-hand combat over sword fighting and gunfighting.

Like with his swordsmanship, Chris lacks the true experience of a seasoned marksman, thus his aiming and other skills involving firearms are rather poor. In fact, Chris seems to have even worse skill in using guns and firearms than he does at using bladed weapons. Chris' only experience with firearms comes from his Clay Clay Fruit, where he can produce pistols, rifles, cannons, and other types of guns with his molded limbs, and fire hardened, clay projectiles from them as ammunition. While the damage inflicted to his targets is indeed impressive, Chris lacks the skill to shoot at exceedingly far distances, and has even worse aim during harsh conditions, such as sandstorms and heavy winds. Plus, he doesn't seem to fully grasp the basics of shooting where his targets will be, and only aims for where they currently are. Also, like with his swordsmanship, Chris doesn't seem to mind his awful marksmanship, and even admits that using guns isn't his favorite way to deal with opponents in a fight. Thus, he relies much more heavily on his Devil Fruit powers and his enhanced physical characteristics, in order to improve his melee combat skills.

Preferring to deal with his foes through close ranged brawls rather than with swords or guns, Chris is much more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than he is at sword fighting and gunfighting. As a result, Chris has far more talent, skill, and experience in this form of fighting than the former two, which shows easily once he starts a fight. Thus, as is necessary for such up close and rather dangerous fighting, Chris seems to possess inhuman amounts of superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. Furthermore, Chris makes heavy use of his Clay Clay Fruit in battle, which seems to be perfectly suited for differing ranges of combat, as it allows Chris to not only alter the shape and size of his body through the use of his clay, but it also grants him the usual Logia power of nigh-invulnerability; a power that Chris has relied heavily upon in his earliest adventures. Furthermore, it has allowed him to cover vast distances via body modifications, allowing him to attack foes at any given range. This makes it difficult to not only escape any given range of Chris' attacks, but it also makes things difficult to predict just what Chris will do next. Chris has also proven that he can use this to his advantage by attacking multiple times at once. By combining this with his ever-adjusting range, Chris can overwhelm his opponents, and even take control of a fight when fortunate enough to do so.

Chris' physical combat skills are further improved by his Devil Fruit powers, as they can allow him to create weaponry, armor, and various other objects out of pure clay, with which he can then use to aid him in battle. This can range from mere distractions, to overwhelming the opponent with large assaults. Chris has even proven that by creating additional arms and legs from his body, he can increase the amount of hits he can land on his opponent, and thus increase the damage given to them. He has also shown to be clever enough to pin his opponents down with his Devil Fruit powers, and thus free himself up to land a punishing blow afterward. Outside of using Devil Fruit powers to assist him, and his superhuman feats of strength and speed, Chris has little else to use to his advantage when fighting. This is most painfully obvious by the fact that Chris has no given knowledge of martial arts, and so he uses a more relaxed and direct freestyle form of fighting. And while this may seem like a disadvantage to some, this seems to work out in Chris' favor, as it gives him the freedom to be as versatile in battle as he needs to be, which often ends up being just what he needs to defeat his foes later on.

Chris' style of fighting is thus more aggressive and offense-oriented than it is defensive, as Chris seems to prefer dealing as much damage as possible within a rather short amount of time, given his childish impatience and recklessness. However, Chris still seems to show enough presence of mind to guard attacks he knows he can't counter against, and is also not afraid to retreat if he has to.

Miscellaneous Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Coming from Aspara, the renowned entertainment capitol of the world, Chris appears to be a rather highly skilled artist and performer. So much so, that he seems to have taken on two roles within his own crew, that being the captain and the crew's entertainer; thus providing music, comedy, and any form of amusement that his crew would ever want. He is apparently so adept at entertaining others, that there is hardly anyone who ever seems bored around him. Even the normally expressionless and stoic Dracule Sakura has managed to crack a smile or laugh after witnessing Chris' routines, whether accidental or on purpose. His skill in playing music is so great, that he has often been seen playing various instruments at once, thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, and playing them as well as any band or orchestra. His use of metaphors and analogies is also surprisingly masterful, as Chris has had plenty of experience in writing. Furthermore, Chris can create an exact replica of anything through sculpting, drawing or painting, further testifying to his artistic heritage. This was first seen when he made a perfect copy of the Slaughter Pirates' captain from snow after previously defeating him, as well as making an exact image of Dracule Sakura long before ever meeting her.

One of Chris' favorite pastimes is mimicking others. This is mostly to amuse himself, although he has done it on several occasions to enrage or distract others for an ulterior motive. He's usually more prone to copying and exagerrating certain aspects of his own crew for laughs, such as Spike's love of danger, Glory's near-obsession with Spike, or even Aphro's womanizing ways. This is done so well, that it usually highly offends the person in question, due to embarrassment and resentment. On occasion however, Chris will copy others he has recently met, such as various Marines or previous opponents he has defeated. And even then, he isn't above making a joke out of situations he's narrowly escaped or survived, such as drowning due to his Devil Fruit. Thanks to his Clay Clay Fruit, Chris has shown the capacity to easily mold himself into anyone he wants to resemble, and often does it so well, that it will either frustrate the copied person, or flatter them.

Chris' skill at mimicry, as well as his ability to act or perform any role he needs to has often saved him on many occasions. One well-noted example was his infiltration of a Marine base in East Blue, where Dracule Sakura had been captured and held. While there, he had dressed himself up as a Marine, and when spotted, had been able to conceal his own identity and play the part of a Marine so well, that no one was the wiser, not even his own crew. It wasn't until Chris grew bored of the charade that his cover was blown.

Despite being written off as an idiot by friends and foes alike, due to acting like a fully-grown child for most of the time, Chris often amazes and shocks others with his hidden intelligence. Chris' playfulness often acts to lull others into thinking he doesn't know any better, when in fact, it's quite the opposite. When told it was clever albeit pointless to go fishing while his ship traveled underwater to Fishman Island, Chris replied that he understood completely, but that he didn't care. He had made the same response when told how stupid it was to eat Hanuman's prepared lunch on Ape Island, as it got him and his friends into a world of trouble. And when fighting the Slaughter Pirates' captain in South Blue, Chris took the blow from the captain's cleaver, which split him in two. While the onlookers wondered why he didn't move out of the way, Chris showed it was because he knew his Devil Fruit's powers well.

This has also helped Chris in numerous fights, as even skilled and seasoned opponents have dropped their guard against him in their fights. When fighting Pan the Centaur, Pan mistook Chris for being a childish amateur, and became clearly frightened when Chris turned the tide of battle. Chris also managed to keep up the facade of idiocy for his own benefit, knowing full well that Pan treated him like a child. This amazed even Spike, who was well known for being highly skilled in various hand-to-hand combat maneuvers. Even No Beard, upon their first meeting, fell for the same ruse. Albeit, unlike Pan, No Beard grew wise to Chris' plan, and fought seriously once Chris revealed his true colors. Thus, when they met again in the New World, No Beard was careful not to underestimate Chris, for fear he'd be tricked again.

Among Chris' disadvantages, he seems to have a poor control over his own overly-abundant bodily gases. At the most inopportune times, Chris will tend to fart in public against his will, with various effects happening afterward. More often than not, this embarrasses Chris greatly, and he tends to fly into a rage whenever anyone even so much as implies he farts. Other times, when emotional or feeling sick, Chris seems to feel better after farting, leading others to wonder if he farts away his problems, or if his problems are the farts themselves. After the time skip, Chris has unwillingly added burping to the mix, which also equally frustrates him. And likewise, his burping is treated much like his farting. Numerous running gags have been made from this single inability alone.

Chris also seems to lack any true sense of direction. While not nearly as bad as certain people, Chris is still a rather poor navigator while at sea. When he first set out for Water 7, he ended up on a small island in South Blue, and later, in the Sabaody Archipelago. It took the help of Spike and his gang to finally get him to Water 7 like he intended. Later, when he found Glory, he was intent on having her as his navigator, as he pointed out his own weakness as a sailor. This later fueled the fire for his inevitable confrontation with Pan.

Chris is also highly susceptible to alcohol, as even the tiniest sip will put him under. This has lead him to forbid himself from ever drinking alcohol, no matter the reason or cost. Chris usually gets laughed at for being considered a 'lightweight,' as he is utterly incapable of resisting intoxication. After so much as tasting a sip of alcohol, Chris' head usually comically slams into the nearest floor or table with a heavy thud, followed by a flushed face and audible snoring. After sleeping off his drunken state, he will then have no knowledge of ever drinking alcohol, nor will he know what has happened afterward. He is blissfully unaware that he cannot hold his liquor, and attributes his passing out phases to things such as sleeping pills, ninjas, or even his body simply shutting off randomly. Thus, whenever Chris does drink liquor, it's usually under the guise of something else, or Chris simply doesn't know any better. One occasion even had him forced into drinking a whole mug, before sighing and saying "night" before passing out.

Aside from his weaknesses, Chris has other benefits as well. One such trait is his overly-trusting nature. As Chris enjoys making friends with others wherever he goes, he tends to always jump the gun and trust anyone he meets. After defeating a ship full of Marines in the Florian Triangle and gluing them to their mast with his Devil Fruit, Chris asked them where Water 7 was, and fully believed the instructions he was given, even if they were obvious lies. While this can cause him more trouble than its worth, it usually tends to help him amass many friends and allies in the process as well. Even the man-hating Rose Glory couldn't help but grow fond of Chris after getting to know him. Chris also tends to trust those who would later be his enemies, such as when he started to befriend Yeren of The Collosal Pirates shortly before the two crews ended up in a feud with one another.

Chris, like every Devil Fruit user, is unable to swim, and sinks like a stone when submerged in water. It's implied Chris used to enjoy playing in the water before eating his Devil Fruit, and may have been a capable swimmer too. Chris has shown that he originally chose not to eat the Clay Clay Fruit, despite its amazing powers, as he disliked the idea of being weak in water to such a degree. However, he was inevitably forced into using it against his wishes, in order to avenge his family and fellow islanders by defeating Majestic T. Decaden. Afterward, during his adventures, whenever Chris sees a body of water and imagines himself in it, he tends to get rather depressed soon after, as he wishes he could play in it. This joke was later magnified when Timber revealed he had installed an impressive and comfortable pool into the deck of their ship; making Chris wonder if Timber was mocking him somehow.

Chris, in his childish fashion, tends to get excited over anything he deems cool or fascinating. Upon noticing Spike was an Ancient Zoan user, Chris stopped whatever he was doing to marvel at Spike's dinosaur-human transformations. Chris is also endlessly amused by Timber's inventions and gadgets, and has often been the one to suggest outlandish and wild machines or tools. Among Timber's many creations, Chris seems endlessly fond of his Jolly Express, a stylized all-terrain train that runs on his Logia powers, and The Jolly MK II's mechanized arms and caterpillar tracts. He's also easily impressed by Wyatt's Devil Fruit, the Ammo Ammo Fruit, as he enjoys the bizarre and amazing shots Wyatt can produce from his guns, ranging from fireballs to lasers. Chris can also be mildly amused by anything he thinks is weird or strange, such as Lys' Phase Phase Fruit or Drazil's Blood Blood Fruit, and tends to be tempted to make playful and inventive uses out of them.

On countless occasions, Chris' luck has been played up. Those who know of him make reference that his middle initial, D, tends to be the source of such luck, although Chris himself denies that luck has anything to do with him. Peabody Rune seems endlessly fascinated with his deeds and his ability to pull off such unbelievable stunts, even when they should be against his favor. Such stunts include:

  • Surviving his unprepared voyage into the Grand Line, and later surviving being eaten alive by the sea king, Angry Demon. He would later then defeat an entire ship of Marines, befriend them, and be able to use their ship to reach Water 7 as intended.
  • Threatening a World Noble and managing to escape the ensuing Marines.
  • Invading G-4, rescuing Peabody Karen, and later escaping the stronghold alive, alongside his crewmates.
  • Surviving a fight against Tombstone Grim and his Z Virus.
  • Earning the privilege to sail with Red Hair Shanks, thanks to his connections with -----.

Despite Chris' already amazing abilities, he has grown stronger over the course of the time skip. He has learned to master his Art Style: Pop techniques, and even localize them into one section of his body when necessary. This also has helped to keep Chris from using up nearly all of his stamina and strength in one go, as he used to do. To go along with this, he has also created a new Art Style technique, known as Art Style: Mainstream, and during his adventures in the New World, created yet another technique known as Art Style: Kinetic. Additionally, Chris has come to learn how to properly handle his Haki, as he was shown clearly capable of sensing his crewmates nearby with Kenbunshoku Haki after not seeing most of them for two years. Likewise, by applying his Haoshoku Haki during his initial brawl with The Collosal Pirates, he had managed to dispatch of Yeren's division subordinates before heading off to face him himself. He's also learned to control his Busoshoku Haki to further defend himself, as well as improve the damage dealt to others and even harm fellow Devil Fruit users who would otherwise be invulnerable.

Chris' strength and endurance had grown to such an extent, that even when he faced off with the half-giant and half-bigfoot Yeren, who was clearly far more impressive than Chris at the time, and was even further strengthened by his Demon Demon Fruit, Model: Behemoth, Chris still managed to go toe to toe with Yeren, and even ended up defeating him in the end. As if it weren't enough, Chris outdid himself by scaling the Red Line alone in order to reach the New World and his awaiting crew.

Chris' wild exploits, like threatening a World Noble, saving wanted criminals, aligning himself with dangerous people, and participating in world-shaking events has made him a renowned figure in his own right. When Yeren learned of Chris' arrival towards the New World, he had made an intent to step in and persuade Chris and his crew to join sides with The Collosal Pirates, an armada of massive, powerful pirates in their own right. And when the Marines had learned of Aspara's queen's decision to make the island a haven for The Jolly Pirates, it was taken as a serious threat.

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Nendo Nendo no Mi

Having hesitantly devoured one of the rare and rumored Devil Fruits, Chris is empowered with supernatural powers beyond the ability of normal humans. Through what could only be considered incredible luck, Chris has eaten a powerful Logia class Devil Fruit known as the Clay Clay Fruit. By doing so, Chris' entire bodily structure and make-up has permanently transformed into wet clay, with which he can use in a variety of different ways, as well as transform into and create the substance from his own body. This has made Chris somewhat resemble the comic book supervillain, Clayface, to a certain degree.

Due to Chris' inherent powers and his creative mind and knack for artistry, Chris seems to be well suited in how to make the most use of his Devil Fruit; a skill being highly praised by veteran Devil Fruit users. With his Clay Clay Fruit, Chris has shown a wide variety of different uses and techniques with each progressing battle he's been in. From making simple weapons and shields, to going as far as making elaborate transformations and flooding the entire area in liquid clay. He's also been shown to be capable of molding his appearance to mimic others or camouflage himself, albeit those with Kenbunshoku Haki can still identify Chris by his presence alone. He's also shown to be almost invulnerable, due to the standard Logia power of regenerating from any physical harm or injury. When Chris first started out as a pirate, it was this power alone that lead him to believe he was undefeatable, before encountering the usual Devil Fruit weaknesses, like seastone or the effects Busoshoku Haki has on Logia users. After realizing he was't as strong as he once thought he was, Chris stopped relying heavily on his Devil Fruit's protective properties, and grew strong enough to try and resist his own weaknesses to a certain extent.

By applying his natural creative urges, Chris has learned to play around with his Devil Fruit and exploit it in ways no one could have thought of before. Among his ideas, he's managed to:

  • Compact and compress his wet clay to batter and beat his opponents.
  • Alter the size and shape of any part of his body to make the most use of any given situation.
  • Fire off pressurized jets of clay at others; capable of boring holes and cutting through otherwise sturdier objects, such as buildings, stone, wood, and at times, even metal.
  • Alter his own appearance to copy those around him.
  • Negate any and all damage done to him by transforming into clay and regenerating lost extremities.
  • Trip up foes and skate freely on a slick of his own clay.
  • Throw massive punches by launching his own fists as wet clay. Often does this either one at a time, or in a simultaneous barrage.
  • Flood entire areas in 30 to 40 feet deep pools of clay. Chris usually creates massive tidal waves to sweep everything away before allowing the clay to settle.
  • Create additional limbs, body parts, or even alter his appearance to match the height of giants, or resemble animals and mythological beasts for various purposes.
  • Solidify his wet clay into solid constructs, allowing them to interact with the environment in a drastically different, yet similar manner. This also allows Chris to give his attacks more of an impact, or to sharpen any bladed or cutting weapons he creates.
  • Produce weaponry, ranging from swords to cannons for offensive purposes, and shields and armor for defense, with occasional offensive uses.
  • Transform parts of his body into elaborate, solid objects for varying reasons and purposes. This can range from specialized gauntlets to angelic wings for flight.
  • Launch himself great distances by either outstretching his clay limbs and pulling himself forward, in a similar fashion to Monkey D. Luffy, or by managing to use his own bodily gases as propulsion through clay tools and solid constructs.
  • Create clones of himself and control them as he wishes.
  • To pin down or lock away others in various cuffs or cages to keep them subdued.
  • To create any amount of sturdy clay bubbles and control them as he pleases.
  • Increase his movement speed and damage dealt to enemies by increasing the blood flow in his body; similarly to Luffy's Gear 2nd.
  • Combine his increased movement speed with the power and force of high grade explosives and shock waves by combining his Art Style: Pop with his Art Style: Mainstream, and then coating himself in Haki for protection against the explosives.

These abilities are only a mere fraction of Chris' underlying potential, which he has shown countless times throughout his journeys. Furthermore, depending on the local environment, Chris may be able to surprise or deceive his foes by hiding his attacks within the battlefield itself. This was most obvious in his battle against -----, where Chris hid his clay bubbles amongst the real, naturally occurring ones found throughout Sabaody Archipelago.

A commonly seen running gag tends to involve the fact that onlookers who are unfamiliar with Chris' Devil Fruit, will confuse it for other similarly colored substances, such as a chocolate based Paramecia, Caribou's Swamp Swamp Fruit, or even a mud-based Logia. Chris usually doesn't mind the confusion at times, but will tend to get frustrated if it happens too frequently or for too long; ultimately ending up in him showing he's made of clay instead.

Aside from Chris' astounding resiliency, he is still easily vulnerable when submerged in water, hit with Busoshoku Haki, or whenever he comes into contact with seastone, as these are the natural weaknesses all Logia users share. However, as Chris is made of a natural element, he is also weak against anything superior to clay. In this case, it's intense heat and fire, as the heat will harden and solidify the clay against his own will. Much like Crocodile and his own weakness to water, whenever Chris is struck from a super-heated blow, or anything wrapped in flames, it tends to affect him as well as any attack imbued with Haki. Additionally, when hot or in need of cooling off, or even if brought into contact with electric current, he becomes unable to secrete even an ounce of clay, and will be dangerously vulnerable until his internal temperature drops. This weakness is so severe for Chris, that he has often wracked his brain in order to come up with ingenious counter-strategies against it, and makes it a habit to avoid anything dangerously hot at all costs. However, after developing his skill with Busoshoku Haki, he has learned to better combat his weakness towards heat, making him less prone to danger than before.

Also, he is still capable of dying through non-physical means, such as poisoning, malnutrition, exhaustion, suffocation, electrocution or even intense temperatures. As a result of these flaws in his Devil Fruit's abilities, he still shows some form of carefulness whenever he senses danger nearby.

Art Style: PopEdit

Art Style: Pop (アートスタイル:ポップ Ātosutairu: Poppu) is considered an upgraded and additional set of powers for Chris' Clay Clay Fruit, as not only does he use it to perform new variations to old techniques, but he has also used it to assist his more traditional attacks for maximum effect. By inhaling and exhaling deeply and repeatedly, Chris forces a large amount of air into his lungs, which can sustain such an effect as they're expanded upon through Chris' use of transformation. He then creates numerous, intertwining tunnels and channels from his lungs, throughout his body, and ultimately connects them to the surface of his own skin. This makes his body an artificial air pump, through which clay bubbles begin to appear and pop in a random, haphazard pattern all throughout the surface of his body, save for his face, which he needs in a battle.

As the bubbles contain air Chris has breathed in and pumped out of his body, they are weightless and tend to float aimlessly in the air around Chris. These bubbles, disconnected from his own body, are usually used to help assist Chris and his allies in setting up and executing aerial attacks and counters against otherwise tricky and evasive foes. Furthermore, Chris has proven upon revealing his new ability that like his clay, he can strengthen the durability of the clay bubbles, as they were still created from his own body, and can thus allow him to control them afterward. As a result, his bubbles tend to be deceptively powerful and effective when in use. One large bubble thrown from Chris' hand can equal the might of a speeding train, while particularly huge bubbles can support the weight of people and objects much heavier than itself. Chris has even managed to make use of the air within the bubbles himself, as seen in his strongest attack, "Clay Clay True Pop." By shrinking the size of a massive bubble filled with air, he pressurizes the air within, and makes it compress upon itself. After tossing the bubble at his desired target however, he allows the bubble to burst open, and unleash air pressure equivalent to that of a hurricane, causing massive destruction.

As it has been noted by skilled foes and allies alike, Art Style: Pop tends to wear Chris out, as it takes considerable lung strength to push air throughout his body, which his Devil Fruit cannot sustain with its powers, and which he is unable to fix, as it is usually impossible to train one's bodily organs. Thus, continued use of it has tended to wear Chris out a lot in drawn out fights, leaving him highly susceptible to dangerous situations around him. Fortunately for Chris however, he had spent some time during the time skip to improve his Devil Fruit powers; particularly his Art Style: Pop. Where before he could only summon the bubbles throughout the entirety of his body,he can now localize its effects to a single body part when necessary, which cuts down on the strength needed to sustain the technique. When fighting Yeren, Chris managed to pose a threat by using his "Clay Clay Pop Stream" with only his arms, thus reducing the energy it takes to use the move while retaining its power and effectiveness.

Art Style: MainstreamEdit

During the Lys Arc, it was revealed Chris had created another Art Style. Art Style: Mainstream (アートスタイル:主流 Ātosutairu: Shuryū) is a technique developed during the two years of training Chris spent with Shanks. Because of this, it is less honed and disciplined than its predecessor, Art Style: Pop. Despite this, it is still one of Chris' more effective and overall powerful techniques. Art Style: Mainstream is activated by molding the blood vessels and veins within Chris' body so as to feed an excess of blood into his musculature. Thus, this creates a similar steroid-inducing effect, like that seen in Monkey D. Luffy's Gear 2nd technique; albeit without the dangerous consequence of bursting Chris' heart apart, due to it not being made of rubber. The idea seems to have been inspired partly due to the method in which Art Style: Pop is performed, and partly due to witnessing Gear 2nd in action first hand. Side effects from using Art Style: Mainstream include Chris' heart and muscles in his chest creating excessive body heat, which dries his otherwise wet clay torso from the inside out. This then creates visible cracks in his chest, with which steam seems to rise out and spread into the air above Chris. It also creates the unintentional consequence of leaving Chris' chest wide open to damage, as it cannot transform into clay in this state; making it a large target in battle.

With Art Style: Mainstream, Chris' muscles become much stronger than they were previously before. As a result, not only does Chris' physical strikes deal more damage, but he manages to move at speeds comparable to that of Soru or faster. Thus, with the increased speed in his favor, Chris' attacks become far more powerful than they'd normally be otherwise. This gives him certain advantages, such as being able to keep up with faster foes, outrunning certain threats he'd otherwise be unable to avoid, or simply traveling faster when necessary.

Despite the benefits, Art Style: Mainstream takes a heavy toll on Chris' body, much like its Pop variant. By rerouting all the blood in his body to his muscles, Chris steadily weakens his own heart over time; to the point where if he doesn't rest soon enough, he will suffer the effects of heart failure, which can very likely kill him if he isn't careful. Commonly, the effects of heart failure can be seen through heavy panting and wheezing, coughing up blood, and becoming pale. This results in making it impossible to use Art Style: Mainstream for long periods of time, as well as making it difficult to use it repeatedly without rest in between. As noted by Chris himself, this also makes a combination between Art Style: Mainstream and Art Style: Pop far more taxing on his body than either technique alone; as both strain his cardiovascular system beyond its intended limits. Therefore, Chris has never successfully managed to fight with both Art Styles active at once without paralyzing himself with pain and bodily stress. Because of these limitations, Chris seems to be showing signs of trying to work around these flaws, in order to maximize the potential for Art Style: Mainstream in the same manner he had done for Art Style: Pop.

Art Style: KineticEdit

Later on in his journeys through the New World, Chris would later reveal yet another form of Art Style which would take the concepts introduced by its predecessors and mix them together to form something new. The end result became known as Art Style: Kinetic (アートスタイル:動的 Ātosutairu: Dōteki.) While at first considered an extremely difficult feat to pull off, Chris managed to make it work through sheer force of will and plenty of determination. It first made its debut during the ----- Arc, but it would later be revealed that Art Style: Kinetic was created and developed during Chris' temporary stay as No Beard's second mate aboard his ship during the Jollys' Defeat Arc while Chris had his memories taken away and was later mesmerized into servitude. As a result of being the most recently created Art Style, this makes Kinetic the most undisciplined in terms of skill and refinement, as obviously seen in how often Chris uses a full body version of the technique and by how rarely it gets used due to its immense health risks.

In terms of appearance, Art Style: Kinetic tends to warp Chris into a somewhat unnerving form, as the full body effects of Art Style: Mainstream causes Chris' entire body, face and head to crack and release internal bodily steam from within. Likewise, because a full body covering of Haki is needed in order to effectively use the technique at all, Chris appears to be blackened all over, save for the whites of his eyes, which in turn appear painfully bloodshot due to the pressure of having Pop and Mainstream active simultaneously and thus in turn straining his heart and lungs. Finally, when active and due to its effects, Chris' body and head appear to "pop" continuously, as if something inside him is trying to get out from under his skin. Additionally, this constant activity within Chris' body causes dead skin cells to fly off of him and mix with the steam surrounding him, thus turning the steam into a light shade of brown, making it resemble a shroud of clay dust enveloping Chris.

The actual effects of Art Style: Kinetic were a surprise to Chris, as he has no prior knowledge of physics and was intending to simply use Mainstream's super speed to compliment Pop's versatile usage of bubbles. Instead, Chris realized mixing the intense heat his body gives off with the air trapped in his bubbles triggers dangerous explosions inside of him, which can lethally wound him if ever done. To protect himself from rupturing from the inside out, Chris covers himself all over in Busoshoku Haki, which acts as an insulator to trap the force of the explosions within Chris, thus explaining the strange "popping" happening on his body. However, he also later learned that by controlling the surge of his internal explosions and then releasing them in a careful and precise manner, he could add explosions to his physical strikes, thus turning his body into a living bomb of sorts in a similar fashion to that of Mr. 5; therefore causing even greater damage and harm to Chris' surroundings than he normally would without harming himself in the process. This in turn is amplified further by the momentum gained through Art Style: Mainstream's doping enhancement and the added hardness of Chris' Busoshoku Haki, causing for extreme amounts of damage in very little time and with relatively little effort.

Likewise to the explosions, Chris also found out that by stacking the explosive force within him to a certain degree, he could cause intense vibrations within his body, and upon releasing them afterward, can now shoot highly destructive shock waves in a similar manner to that of Whitebeard's Tremor Tremor Fruit. This gives Chris an opportunity to still fight from mid to long range when his close ranged explosive strikes cannot come into contact with his intended target. Additionally, Chris also began experimenting with this power by using it in defensive and pragmatic ways, such as deflecting oncoming foes and projectiles with shock waves or releasing them from underneath his feet to propel himself through the air. When combined with Art Style: Kinetic's super speed, Chris can even mimic the Rokushiki technique used by Rob Lucci, Kamisori.

And like the other Art Styles, Kinetic comes at a painful cost. As feared from the start, the intense strain it has on Chris' lungs and heart make hyperventilation and heart attacks all too real for him, as well as the combined factor of imminent low blood pressure if Kinetic is used for too long. As a result, Chris can become quickly and easily crippled with incredible bodily pain and fatigue, which can give opponents the opportunity needed to defeat or kill Chris in battle. Along with these flaws is the fact that despite protecting his outer body from harm with Haki, his innards are continuously being ravaged with extreme damage from the internal explosions going on around them. If he isn't careful, Chris' bones, muscles, organs and arteries can rupture open, become squished or even be ground down to dust from the power of Chris' internal blasts, resulting in inescapable and agonizing death, if not outright permanent side effects such as leaving Chris handicapped in a variety of ways, be it losing the use of his arms, legs, internal bodily functions and so on. And finally, when used on his entire body, Chris loses the ability to mold and form clay based attacks during Art Style: Kinetic, as well as lacking the ability to avoid harm through transformation, as the heat dries his entire body out and makes transforming into clay useless until he can cool off later. This severely limits the number of options Chris can rely on in battle when the Art Style is performed in this manner. These drawbacks have thus become the reason why Chris has shown hopes of improving upon it in the same manner he has been honing both Art Style: Pop and Art Style: Mainstream.


Further information: Haki

Chris is of an amazing few who can wield all three types of Haki, a natural ability found within all living things. Chris' Haki had been awakened as he traveled back down the Grand Line to reach Sabaody Archipelago. Upon encountering Hanuman at Ape Island in the Calm Belt, Chris had shown the ability to wield Haki, by unknowingly unleashing his Haoshoku Haki against Hanuman, which shocked and amazed him. Once Glory and the others learned what Haki truly was, it became apparent to them that Chris was special somehow. The second time Chris used Haoshoku Haki was in his first fight against No Beard, surprising the man, and showing to his crew that his Haki was steadily improving.

As Chris unveiled his new ability, he also showed a complete lack of control each time it was in use. Every time Chris has used his Haki, it has either been due to extreme emotional outbursts, or by incredible accidents. When Chris went to punch No Beard, he had unwillingly activated his Busoshoku Haki, and thus strengthened his blow, making it stronger and sending No Beard flying farther than expected. When he and his crew fought the Marines to save Spike, he had somehow managed to find Spike in the chaos of the battle, by finding his "voice;" although the fighting had been so loud, no one could have heard him otherwise. Despite not knowing what his power was, he understood it existed, and became fascinated enough by it, that he had wanted training in how to use it.

Thanks to a coincidental reunion with -----, ----- was able to use his ----- to see what was troubling Chris at the time, and sympathized with him enough to test him and see if Chris was willing to undergo the difficulties ahead of him. After an intensive test battle in a grove of Sabaody Archipelago, where Chris fought until he collapsed, ----- agreed to pull some strings and have Chris travel in the New World with the Red Hair Pirates to have him trained by Shanks himself in order to grow stronger. Chris happily accepted and begun training for two years in order to control his Haki. Upon returning from his training, Chris managed to surprise his crew by showing he was capable of using his Haki at will. Chris has mentioned that Shanks was a tough teacher, and drilled the basics into him in a short time span, thus allowing Chris to properly learn to use Haki in two years.

Haoshoku HakiEdit

Chris possesses the rare gift of using Haoshoku Haki, a type of Haki only one in a million are born with, and one that cannot be taught to others. Although Chris has displayed the use of Haki before, this was the second type he had revealed. It was considered a blessing that Shanks was the one to teach him how to control it, as Shanks also wields Haoshoku Haki.

The first instance Chris showed using Haoshoku Haki was as a desperate tactic to subdue Hanuman, who had been terrorizing his crew shortly before. It was also at that time when it was discovered that Chris was in the ownership of this type of Haki, as Hanuman was well aware of it at the time, due to being of a race who have a natural affinity for Haki. The second instance involved an emotional surge of Haki spreading through the ranks of The No Beard Pirates, indicating that Chris' Haki was becoming stronger.

Chris was completely unaware of his Haoshoku haki before his training, and assumed he only had two types of Haki at his disposal. He also had no control over it, much like his other forms of Haki. His Haoshoku Haki would only appear during times of great emotional turmoil for him, or as an instinctive last-ditch effort to defeat his foe. Even when injured, as shown in his fight with Hanuman, he was capable of exerting a large deal of Haki.

After finally receiving training from Shanks, Chris displayed he could now harness his Haoshoku Haki upon command. He had also shown he was capable of pin-pointing who exactly to knock out among a group, as he had only applied his Haki on a unit of Marines who were standing in his way when he returned to Aspara, and thus not affecting his fellow islanders, nor his crewmates. Chris later showed the maximum effects of his training in Haoshoku Haki when he knocked out all of Yeren's division aside from Yeren himself, in order to fight the man one-on-one as he intended. It also showed that Chris was only willing to use Haoshoku Haki as a way to deter unwanted attention or remove people without causing a scene.

Despite his newfound ability to call upon Haoshoku Haki, Chris has noted that it is by far the weakest of his three forms of Haki, as he has the smallest amount of control over it, and it's the hardest to summon on a whim. Chris' difficulty with Haoshoku Haki is one of the greatest reasons he is rarely seen dispatching foes right off the bat, as not only is it difficult to fully use, but many of his opponents wield tremendously strong wills, such as himself. He's also unable to fully contain his Haoshoku Haki all the time, as it always seems to leak out when Chris becomes enraged by something. This seems to imply that Chris' Haoshoku Haki is somehow tied into his emotions, especially his anger.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

This seems to be Chris' most powerful form of Haki, as even he has admitted it tends to be the easiest for him to use. It first appeared during the battle against the Marines as he and his crew fought desperately to save Spike. When asked how he was able to navigate his way to Spike effortlessly, Chris had pointed out he heard Spike's "voice" and followed the sound of it to his location. This amazed even Spike himself, as he replied that not only was the fighting too loud for him to be heard, but that he hadn't said much during the battle.

After his training from Shanks, Chris has shown that his skill with Kenbunshoku Haki has improved drastically. After arriving at his home island to reunite with his crew, Chris had noticed he sensed some familiar presences around him. Even Bach seemed rather shocked, as he hadn't picked up on it until Chris mentioned it to him. Later, during the fight with Yeren, Chris seemed to have countered Yeren's impressive might with his Kenbunshoku Haki, noting that his foe had too much killer intent, and that it made his moves sloppy. This only served to irritate Yeren, who is half-bigfoot and thus has a natural feel for Haki. And when fighting Palatine Shuck, the leader of the Phantom Corp's Ghoul Branch, Chris seemed well matched against Shuck, despite Shuck's impressive speed and reflexes. Lys commented that his ability to see Shuck's moves were astounding for a Kenbunshoku Haki user.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Chris, along with Haoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki, has learned to use Busoshoku Haki, thanks to Red Haired Shanks' teachings. It first appeared when it took the form of black splotches on Chris' body when No Beard went to strike him with his bladed palm. The sparse patches of Haki were just enough to defend Chris from No Beard's own Haki-infused slash. This made Busoshoku Haki the last of Chris' three Haki types to be revealed before his training. It was considered an impressive enough feat to No Beard, who began to rethink his first impressions of Chris at the time. Chris' Busoshoku Haki reappeared within the same arc during the climactic battle between the two, where Chris' "Clay Clay Shredder" had been imbued with Haki, turning it black. This was strong enough to fling No Beard backward into the cabin of his own ship, which later compromised its already weakened state; forcing the ship to break apart and risk the lives of both No Beard and Chris.

After the time skip, Chris showed that his training had fully payed off with his casual uses of Busoshoku Haki. He made good use of it as he hardened his large liquefied fist in order to counter Yeren's own Haki-infused punch. He has even shown the capability of fusing his Haki into his Devil Fruit attacks, thus increasing their strength and threat level to opponents. An amazing display was when he added Haki to the bubbles from his Art Style: Pop, which not even a shot from a cannonball could break. Despite his improved defenses, Chris is still not fully invincible, and has remarked that the heat from flames still bother him, among other things.

Chris also showed that he could now fight on even grounds with Devil Fruit users who were naturally protected from harm, much like himself. When Lys attacked the crew and fought them all at once, Chris was capable of interacting with her normally intangible body as if it were solid; even being capable of pushing her back a bit.


  • Busoshoku: Kishou (武装色 気性 Busō-shoku: Kishō, literally meaning: "Color of Armaments: Temperament"): By applying his Busoshoku Haki on his clay body, Chris is capable of hardening his body. Like other depictions of Busoshoku Haki in effect, it seems to appear on his body as a black coloration. Chris tends to cover all or parts of his body to enhance both his offensive and defensive abilities, sometimes doing so simultaneously. Its first appearance was when it showed up unexpectedly in Chris' fight against No Beard. It covered his body randomly at first, but reappeared later as a coating for Chris' "Clay Clay Shredder" technique. After the time skip, Chris showed he could now fully control his Busoshoku Haki, and use it in battle freely. Many of his Clay Clay Fruit attacks usually end up with the prefix "Black" before the individual attacks' names, such as Chris' "Clay Clay Black Armory."
  • Art Style Buso (アートスタイル武装 Ātosutairu Busō, literally meaning "Art Style Armament"): After activating his Art Style: Pop, Chris adds Haki to the bubbles he creates, which further hardens them beyond their natural toughness. Like Busoshoku: Kishou, the effects of Chris' Haki can be seen on his bubbles, coloring the surface of them black. Chris first showed this technique before unveiling his "Clay Clay Black Piercing Bubble," which was powerful enough to fly through an opponent as if it were a bullet.

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