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Joki Joki no Mi
Japanese Name: Joki Joki no Mi
Romanized Name: Joki Joki no Mi (Rexy Universe)
English Name: Time Time Fruit
Meaning: Feeling
Usage Debut: Unknown
Type: Paramecia
User: Emunas Gorinolas


The Joki Joki no Mi is a paramecia class devil fruit that can allow the user to create rips in time, which can be traveled through to different times.


The Joki Joki no Mi looks like a blue apple with gold swirls.


The Joki Joki no Mi can be used to visit other times. It also makes the user live forever (timewise, can still be killed).


The Joki Joki no Mi can be used for many different purposes. The current user, Emunas Gorinolas, has used the fruit to create 'time houses'


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


This devil fruit has no attacks.


  • There were orginally going to be multiple time fruits. However I decided to make just one.