A rough and rowdy man, with vast dreams. Nobody talking about Tobias.


Jaguar D. Tobias is a young man who found Marshall D. Tack in the woods with Mason. He became a pirate, and is the main reason Tack became a pirate. He is currently a Yonko.


He is a young man, who is extremely muscular, and has blue hair. He is a large man, of 10 feet, because of his small giant DNA.


He is a brash man, who likes to fight, and loves hearing strange stories. He also fights a lot with Mason. He does want to be a pirate, suggesting he loves to follow his dreams. He does state, and consider, Tack as a potential rival to his dreams of being the pirate king, something he doesn't even consider of his fellow Yonkous.


He was able to defeat Tack with one punch, albeit Tack was young. He is rather muscular, suggesting tremendous power. He may also know Haki, because he knows it along with Mason. He was shown using Haki, in his fight with Mason.

He has become a Yonko, and is thus, one of the most powerful pirates alive.

He has been stated by Mason to be 'Light bulb head'. What this means is unknown.


  • He is not a giant, because his ancestor was his great great great grandpa. But his human family took the name.