Iron-Jaw Sahil (鉄顎サヒール; Tetsu-Ago Sahīru) is an infamous pirate from North Blue and is captain of the The Monkey Pirates. He is one of the eleven elite pirates known as the "Big Time Rookies" on the Sabaody Archipelago whose's bounty is over Bsymbol10 100,000,000. His bounty amounts to Bsymbol10 245,000,000, which is third highest underneath Duwong Sano and Jonathan D. Swift.

Appearance Edit

Sahil is a very massive, tall and muscular man, with his overly large arms and hands appearing even larger when compared to the rest of his figure. Sahil's left eye is covered by a simple, dark eyepatch held by an extremely slim rope with scars emerging from under it and going diagonally on his cheek.

His massive jaw is made of metal plate, bearing lines of studs on its upper edges and two side protrustions jutting upwards, plus teeth-like ornaments to make it similar to a jaw. His unkempt, black hair is covered by a light cloth wrapped around and tied on the back, leaving a pair of long wrappings hanging over his neck. Another one is hanging on he right side of his race, much like a turban.

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Before being a Big Time RookieEdit

His crimes remain unknown to the general public, though it is rumored that he has spent time in Impel Down.

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