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Age: 18 (Pre-Time skip) 20 (Post-Time skip)

Occupation: Pirate
Crew: Toxic Pirates
Position: Commander
Current Bounty:


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Iodine was the commander of the Toxic Pirates and a chemistry student of his captain, Bromine Halogen. He is a skilled chemist, being bested by only his captain within the Toxic Pirates. He currently spends his time in Impel Down Level 1: Crimson Hell.


Iodine is an average heighted man. He is known for his hairstyle being strikingly similar to that of his captain's; however, Iodine's ducktail is slightly smaller and more slanted towards his left, unlike Bromine's which is standing striaght up.

Currently, he wears the same Impel Down clothing: striped black and white shirt and trousers. 


Most of his personality is unknown, other than the fact that he has respect towards his captain and that he likes to mock every single enemy he meets.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Although he had a lower bounty than Marimo's, his skills were far greater than his due to the fact that he could fight on par with Kazar, a Logia Devil Fruit user. However, he still was defeated in the end.


As a student learning under the "master" chemist Bromine Halogen, he himself is a skilled chemist. He had full acknowledgment of the fact that mixing bleach and ammonia would cause fumes, and that water would make an explosion.


Some time before the current storyline, Iodine joined the Toxic Pirates in order to learn chemistry from their captain, and eventually became the commander.

Grand Line SagaEdit

Chapter IEdit

Major BattlesEdit

  1. Iodine <VS> Kazar


  • Iodine's name comes from the chemical iodine.

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