Horu Horu no Mi
Japanese Name: ホルホルの実
Romanized Name: Horu Horu no Mi (KK21)/Usage
English Name: Horm-Horm Fruit
Meaning: Hormones
Usage Debut: Emporio Ryba's Curtain Call
Type: Paramecia
User: Emporio Ryba de Lafé
Emporio Ivankov (Former)


The fruit's bestowed hormone powers, as used by Ryba, have been used for a variety of reasons. Ryba seems to enjoy playing around with the concept of "gender" as he is seen switching in and out their male and female forms. In addition, supposedly all the Lafe Kingdom members a switched sexes. Though Ryba enjoys playing around with his powers, they can also make him a powerfully persistent opponent in battle. Ryba has clashed with the likes of Akainu and Magellan and has come out of these battles with little harm, despite the deadly abilities of both opponents. Ryba's quick recoveries can be assumed to be due to his ability to greatly heal and energize his body through hormones.

The fruit's powers are the source of Ryba's "miraculous" reputation, which, aside from gender changing, allow Ryba to perform other miracles on people besides himself such as extreme healing, using them to allow for a body to adjust from a fatal-condition to having a chance of survival. However, while he can make the adjustment within the body to heal from these conditions, the miracle is also dependent on the person hit by the altering hormones, whereas only those with a strong enough will can survive and use their survival instincts via the hormones to their advantage. Depending on what the conditions the patient is in, as well as the hormones used, the receiver may suffer a shortening of lifespan in exchange for a "cure".

As of late Ryba has shown to take some great fun in playing around with both his opponents and himself, he had revealed that he was able to inject others with a special Hormone that can manipulate the muscles of the body. So Ryba is able to injection himself with these special Hormones and thus increasing his abilities ten fold. Thus making an very formidable opponent. However he also had revealed during one of his fights with Kojiro, is even with other devil fruit users specifically among the zoans. Ryba is able to change the gender of the users while in a full or hybird form, this doesn't seem to have much affect but it gets a few laughs for Ryba himself.

Ryba being a very manipulative man and taking joy in the fact that he could literally pin one against another, by injecting others with his hormones. He can manipulate their emotional state and from that, just a simple word play is all that was needed in ordered for this to happen. Ryba has used these abilities to often get others to fight for him and as such. Ryba can be able to even turn a zoan user against his allies, this was shown to be used against Kojiro. Ryba had just add a special hormone to his body and with a few words, Kojiro had become so enraged that he attacked his allies.

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