Devil Fruit Name

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Japanese Name:

Hito Hito no Mi,Model:Seraph

English Name:

Human Human Fruit,Model:Seraph

Meaning: Seraph

Zoan,Mythical Zoan

Power: Become a Full or Hybrid form of a seraph.
Eaten By:unknown
Story / Creator:Inushima

The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Seraph is a Mythical Zoan class Devil Fruit that allows it user to transform into an Seraph. It is currently eaten by unknown . In the english translation it is called the Human Human Fruit, Model: Seraph.

Strengths and WeaknessesEditEdit

The fruit Hito Hito model Serafino has different characteristics from the fruit Hito Hito model Angel. This fruit can become a Seraph. The Seraphim are much higher in the angelic choirs than the Angels, are much stronger. In addition to the Light you can use the Sacred Fire, which if infused into the weapons manufactures most damage. They also have six wings, much more robust and strong to overcome air currents also quite strong. You can also obtain skills relating to the art of the sword, in that the Seraphim are good swordsmen. You can transform into beings of pure light practically always, no need to enter in the form of for strength Serafino. You can become invisible, skills useful in battle. Another feature is the ability to communicate with the thought, all of which have the Seraphim. Who possesses the powers of this fruit can choose in what form be transformed, if an animal or a human. It is equipped with speed and dexterity awesome. This result makes it immune to attacks by weapons created on Earth like swords or pistols, only other sea fruits can cause injuries. It is also possible to treat both yourself and allies. Like any Devil's fruit has its drawbacks, you have to be very trained to use this result, since the powers of a Seraph requires an enormous effort. The sea water and the agalmatolite can block powers.

Note: in case the possessor of this fruit die is able to return to life under human form, but loses all powers received first with fruit.

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