Japanese Name: 飛雷神
Romanized Name: Hiraishin
English Name: N/A
Literal Meaning: Flying Thunder God
Owner(s): Jack Atls
Weapon type: Katana, Black Sword
First Appearance:  ???

Hiraishin (飛雷神 Hiraishin?) is one of the the twelve Saijo O Wazamono, legendary swords. It is currently owned by Jack Atls.


Hiraishin is a Katana with black tsuka ito weave with a ornate silver same under the cord, and a Gold kashira. It has a black tsuba and The blade itself is pitch-black with a very strong purple sheen hence it is a "Black Sword" (黒刀 Kokutō?) and it has runic markings running across the blade; the scabbard is dark blue and has a bronze tip that matches the kashira.


Not much is known about the Katana, however it was Strong Enough to withstand a Punch From "Diamond" Jozu with no damage done to it.

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