Hinshu Hinshu no Mi

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Japanese Name: (japanese kanji)
English Name: Mark Mark no Mi
Meaning: To put a mark on someone
Type: Paramecia
Power: To mark a person or people to be the eater slave/slaves

Eaten By:?


Story / Creator: Caring16


The Hinshu Hinshu no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to mark/brand a person with different type marks making them his/her slaves. While the power ranges it is unknown if the user is able to make a victim kill themselves with the brand.


The Hinshu Hinshu no Mi looked like a black Pineapple with brown swirls. It is said to a have very fowl taste.


How does that character use this Devil Fruit? How does it function? Does this character use this Devil Fruit any differently from the previous user?


The only real strength is allowing the user the ability to mark or tattoo a person making them their slave. Aside from that there is no real power behind it. Though if the user marked/branded someone with the mark "attack" the victim will have no choice but to follow that order even if it's against their will.


Aside from the standard, universal Devil Fruit weaknesses the power won't work if the mark is washed off. Another thing the mark will not work if the user is knocked out. (Them being asleep won't really change it)


Mark Sleep.

The user puts a moon shape mark on a person then states "Mark Sleep". The person stays asleep until the mark is washed off or turned off

Mark Attack.

The user puts two swords crossed together on a person then states "Mark Attack" The victim has no choice but to attack those that are around him or her. It stays affected until the mark is either turned off or wiped away.

Mark Slave.

This really only keeps the victims under the users control, The mark is like a world nobles however it has a skull and cross bone inside the circle area.The victim can try to fight however only the strong will have a chance at breaking free.

Mark Wipe.

The user puts "wipe" on the victim's forehead. Then states "Mark Wipe" The victims memories will be wiped away so the victims won't even remember s/he's own friends. This attack is used before Mark Slave as it keeps the victims from fighting the user.

Mark Guard.

The user puts a shield on the person then states "Mark Shield" The victim will then guard the user no matter who the enemy is.


Hinshu means Brand i think though hopefully it can also mean to mark a person.

The user doesn't have to say "mark" when using the Devil Fruit power.

madman13 helped out with the Romanji for the fruit *bow* thank you madman13.

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