Devil Fruit Name

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Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name:


Eaten By: Maugin Lammont

Story / Creator: 13th madman

universe: 13th dimension


The Henshuu Henshuu no Mi (literally Edit Edit fruit) is a paramecia devil fruit that allows the user to create cube-shaped areas of space and edit their contents. It was eaten by Maugin Lammont of the Harlequin pirates.


The Henshu Henshu no Mi allows the user to generate small cube shaped boxes that can be made to surround a target or lock onto them. The user can then move, rotate, or isolate the contents of the boxes in any way they wish, including swapping the positions of the boxes. by teleporting a box to her hands, she can also manually alter the contents. Boxes removed from their positions apparently remain conected unless her power is completely undone, allowing her to access and edit things without actually harming or disturbing an object they might be attached to or enclosed in. She has also been seen to freeze time inside the boxes, in one case using this to redirect a cannon ball aimed at her skywards, and then use it as a stepping stone to ride upwards.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



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