Harlequin pirates
Main Ship: Midnight Wing
Captain: John Jango de Triezieme
Total Bounty: Bsymbol????????????


The Harlequin pirates are the mysterious crew captained by John Jango de Triezieme. Very little is yet known about them, except that their ship, the Midnight Wing, is somehow capable of flight, and that they have used this to traverse most of the world quickly, and evading the World Government.

Jolly RogerEdit

Crew MembersEdit

Crew member


Reason for joining

Powers, weapons, and abilities

John Jango de triezieme


Founded the crew. Motives are unclear.

Blitz Arbalests

Aida Aida no Mi

Jane Wren

2nd mate was won in a card game with a world noble (chose to to travel with the crew willingly after it's formation) Shizai Shizai no Mi


1st mate Met John Jango when he was a sichibukai, and

Nuru Nuru no Mi

twin Recoil blades

Dave Johanes Brooke Marksman Augmented Cyborg body
Maugin Lammont Navigator

Henshuu Henshuu no Mi

Chaos loom

Coralline Hael Shipwright/enginear

Crew StrengthEdit


Relationships amongst the CrewEdit


Allies and Traveling CompanionsEdit


Locations visitedEdit


Crimes/Events commited


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