Grimaries are mysterious devices used my the inhabitants of the Hell Islands. They are apparently made from the bones of deep-dwelling creatures of various kinds, combined with materials taken from volcanic plantlife.

General design and functionsEdit

Grimaries take many forms, and their overall design can vary greatly, depending on how they were made. Likewise, they are quite versatile, and are used both in weaponry, and for everyday life. Because they are made from a combination of both plants and bones, they can be concealed in almost anything, from weapons to small artifacts, and sometimes even normal looking clothing.


Grim lanternEdit

Grim Lanterns are a very common type of grimary that absorb heat to produce a bright glow. They are very commonly used, as their name implies, as lighting. The rarer version known as the Grimstar is a more powerful version, which can be used as a flashbomb, and also to start small fires.

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