The gum gum fruit was a devil fruit eaten by Marshall D. Tack. It is a paremica fruit.


It is a devil fruit that let a human become a gum gum human. The person can strecth their limbs, and they can repel blunt attacks.

The main problem is that they could get cut. They have the problem of standard devil fruit powers.


Gomu Gomu Bam: Tack extends his fist to send a punch.

Gomu Gomu Whip: Tack extends his leg to attack his enemy like a whip.

Gomu Gomu double bam: He sends out a bam with both arms.

Gomu Gomu rain: One of his most powerful attacks, he jumps in the air, and punches the ground with his punches.

Gomu Gomu hammer: He uses both hands to grab each other, and they smash the ground with full force.

Gomu Gomu Bam Valley: Tack sends in multiple punches, that look like he has multiple limbs.

Gomu Gomu Stomp: Tack sends a kick at the enemy.

Gomu Gomu Stomp valley: He sends multiple kicks, making it look like he has multiple legs.

Gomu Gomu Drill: One of his most powerful attacks, he sends his arm out, and twists it. The more he twists it, the more powerful it is. However, the more he turns it, the more chance he could be attacked.


Marshall D. Tack

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