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"The most important duty of every marine is to protect the common people."- Gabriel
Gabriel Iustitia
Gabriel Iustitia
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: AB Positive (universal recipient)
Birthdate: 19th June
Height: 6 foot 5 inches (195.58 cm)
Island of Origin: Terra Ignis
Occupation: Marine, Vice Admiral.
Epithet: The Rumble King
Crew: Gabriel's Guardians
Position: Vice Admiral
Family: One elder brother and a father
Specialism: Polearm User, Strategist
Dream: To become the Fleet Admiral of a re-unified Marines.
Devil Fruit
Gura Gura no Mi
Japanese Kanji: グラグラの実
English Name: Tremor Tremor Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: To create vibrations or "quakes"
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Gabriel was raised on an island in the New World half of The Grand Line, as such his island was regularly subjected to pirate attacks. Due to this Gabriel's father joined the Marines and was deployed on the Grand Line. Unfortunately his father was deployed away from the island when The Blackbeard Pirates attacked. The island was almost completely razed to the group and the majority of the population died as the island burned. However Gabriel and his elder brother Raziel managed to take shelter with a few others in a cave during the attack, thereby surviving. After seeing the devastation of their home island the brothers swore that they would become the strongest marines around, in order to stop something like that ever happening again.

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