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Gabriel's Guardian's are an unofficial group of Marine's within the 4th Ascendant Marine Fleet, commanded by the Vice Admiral in command of the fleet Gabriel Iustita. Whilst they are an unofficial unit, within the 4th Fleet the Guardians are afforded the ability to command any person of any rank who are not a Guardian.

The primary purpose of the Guardians is to act as the elite combat force in the fleet and its members are expected to always head to the areas of toughest fighting and to be seen fighting the toughest opponents on the field. This is so that they can act as ralying points for normal marines in times of hardship.

The Guardians have the authority to overrule the chain of command when they feel it is necessary. However such actions are never taken lightly and always investigated after the fact. As such it is a power they rarely use as it would demoralize the officers of the fleet if their orders could just be ignored on a whim.

Not all the members of the Guardians high ranking, although two of the six Commodores of the fleet are members. There are also several lower ranking members who having recieved commendations for valour or skill were offered the opportunity to become memebers.


Gabriel IustitaEdit

Gabriel is the Vice Admiral in command of the 4th Fleet, commander of the Guardians and also a Guardian himself.

Julia AitkenEdit

Julia is the Commodore of the 1st Flotilla of the 4th Fleet (Flotilla 22).

Raphael BeauchampEdit

Raphael is the Commodore of the 2nd Flotilla of the 4th Fleet (Flotilla 25).

Amii KolachovaEdit

Amii is an Ensign in the 2nd Flotilla and Adjutant to Raphael Beauchamp.

Raziel IustitaEdit

Raziel is a Captain in the 3rd Flotilla of the 4th Fleet (Flotilla 19).

Ericka LangEdit

Ericka is a Lieutenant in the Flagship and Adjutant to Gabriel Iustita.

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