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Japanese Name: 海軍G・L第4支部
Romanized Name: Kaigun Gurando Rain Dai-Yon Shibu
English Name: G-4
First Appearance: Fanon

G-4, also known as Marine Research and Development Institute (海軍技術開発局 Kaigun Gijutsukaihatsu Kyoku?) is a Marine branch that is located in the Grand Line. It was first mentioned by Mest, a former prisoner in it. It was described by him as "a living hell".

However, as the name suggests, it is a research facility. It utilizes captured pirates and what the Marines consider "good specimens" to test medicine, drugs and conduct physical and chemical experiments.



The tower's inside.



Notable PersonnelEdit

Test SubjectsEdit

Known Test SubjectsEdit


  • G-4's number is a reference to the title of a scientific paper written by two of the members of Sixty Symbols, named "General second order scalar-tensor theory, self tuning, and the fab four". According to the writers, it is a reference to The Beatles, as the four members lived in the hometown of one of the writers. I also chose the number because it is associated with science in this way, science being also the field of action of these Marines.

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