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Name: 海軍基地 G-12 (Kaigun Kichi G-12)
Location: Luster Island
Affiliations: Marines
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G-12 is a Marine Base located in the South Blue. As its residence, Luster Island, is situated near Reverse Mountain and the Calm Belt, it plays a crucial role in arresting pirates. It is led by Marine Vice Admiral Nitro.


G-12 is quite a small branch compared to the others, having only three seperate units. Unit 1 is led by Rear Admiral Lance, Unit 2 is led by Rear Admiral Sakaki, Unit 3 is led by Captain Alpha D. Beta, and the entire branch is overseen by Vice Admiral Nitro.

Name Rank Capabilities Epithet
  • Vice Admiral

Devil Fruits

  • Gia Gia no Mi
  • "Ancient Gear" (古代 ギア Kodai Gia?)
Unit 1
  • Rear Admiral
  • Unit 1 Leader
Unknown Unknown
Unit 2
  • Rear Admiral
  • Unit 2 Leader
Unknown Unknown
Unit 3
Alpha D. Beta
  • Captain
  • Unit 3 Leader

Devil Fruits

  • Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Hawk


  • Taekwondo
  • "Red Hawk" (レッドホーク Reddo Hōku?)
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Unit 3 Navigator

Devil Fruits

  • Kumo Kumo no Mi


  • Boxing


  • Meteorology
  • Geography
  • "Weather Controller" (天気コントローラ Tenki Kontorōra?)
Ned Spade
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Unit 3 Doctor

Devil Fruits

  • Ope Ope no Mi


  • Kickboxing


  • Immunology
  • Pulmonology
  • "Surgeon of Style" (スタイルの外科医 Sutairu no Gekai?)
  • Captain
  • Unit 3 Blade Combatant


  • Reiu
  • "The Gladiator" (剣闘士 Ken Tōshi?)
Zora Lucis
  • Captain
  • Unit 3 Weapon Combatant


  • Elemental Blaster
  • "Master of Icy Flames" (氷炎のマスター Hien no Masutā?)



Establishment of G-12Edit

After the Pirate King Gol D. Roger's execution, Delta D. Beta founded a defense agency on Luster Island. Having arrested the majority of South Blue pirates, he gained recognition from the Marines, and was even considered being recruited.

Five years later, Alpha was born, and Delta was recruited as a Vice Admiral. He was provided with three officers, Rear Admiral Nitro, Captain Lance, and Captain Sakaki, as well as hundreds of well-trained soldiers.

The ConspiracyEdit

Seven years ago, the World Government made a deal with Kies. Under the condition that he cut off an arm of a Vice Admiral, he would earn the title of Shichibukai.

Strike of KiesEdit

In order to earn his title within the shortest amount of time, Kies went to G-12 in South Blue. There, he launched an all out attack on the base.

During the following battle, Kies managed to severe Vice Admiral Delta D. Beta's arm. However, his bloodlust got the best of him, and murdered the officer. Rear Admiral Nitro used this as a chance to strike the pirate, and arrested him.


Subesquently, Alpha, who saw the battle from a distance, became mentally incapacitated for two weeks. Upon waking up, he vowed to rid the world of evil. When he tried to enlist in the Marines, Nitro stopped him claiming he was too young. Instead, he trained Alpha for six hours a day.

Alpha. This was... your father's. Your father's last wish, the Tori Tori no Mi. Harness its powers, and continue his legacy!!
— Nitro giving Alpha the Tori Tori no Mi, initially Delta's.

During the training period, Nitro noticed the potential Alpha had. He told the kid a secret—his father's legacy. Nitro unlocked a small chest he had inside his office, and gave Alpha the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Hawk.

The Grand Line SagaEdit

After seven years of rigorous training, Alpha officially enlisted as a Seaman Recruit. Along the way, he caught the attention of many other Vice Admirals, who all noted that Alpha be promoted to a Captain. Nitro, however, insisted that he be promoted after actually doing something worthy. Instead, he assigned Alpha to the Grand Line, and the leader of the new unit, Unit 3.

Chapter IEdit

Chapter IIEdit

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