Form Shifter also known as a animal Shape Shifters are a race of humans with animal like traits. Mostly animals traits of a fox wolf or cat. It is noted that the age of a Form Shifter is unknown due to the person being able to change into a small child or to that of a teenager. Another thing is most people do not know about a Form Shifter due to them being almost extinct, However the marines and World Government keep both eyes and ears open just in case one pops up. Though due to being rare and in danger of being captured most tend to keep it a secret. There is another group that is after this small race of people due to the unknown power that allows them to age slower then a normal human.

The first Form Shifter the world Government found was a women named Luka. However it wasn't until later when marines came across a Island that had Form shifters the Government put two and two together. They tried to get to the island however each time they did some unseen force would knock out all who was onboard the ship and when they woke they would be in the calm belt. Some have made it to the island however it is unclear as to what their fates was.

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