Jaya a place where pirates run wild in a town Mock Town. A women in black pants and a black shirt, sits in a chair in front of Dusk’s bar, drinking a cola and watches people go about their day. The women then sighs and puts out her cigarette before getting up and going into the bar. Meanwhile 10 miles away from Jaya. Two figures can be seen flying. One is a fox wolf with angel wings the other was a girl with butterfly like wings. As they flew they was getting closer to the island. It was their third island in three months with New Dawn island being the start of their new life.

“Lora are you ok? You been really quiet the last few days.” The winged fox wolf said.

“Yea I I’m fine just been thinking Star.” Lora said looking over.

“Well don’t worry everything’s going to be fine.” Star said.

“I know it's just ever since dealing with that man on that island and then meeting Mister Whitebeard. I just I don't know his offer really sounded good but I just I don't know,” Lora stated confused.

“Well he did say the offer still stands, Why not think some more and decide later?” Star questioned looking over.

“Maybe your right, I mean there still time and stuff. Maybe over thinking isn't the best idea.” Lora stated with a smile.

“Well that seems to be true. Come on a new island new people. Lets see what this place has.” Star said flying towards the land.

“Wait for me man Star we don't even know what kind of people are here.” Lora cried out following Star..

“Well duhh that's the whole point.” Star stated with a laugh.

Lora muttered a few curse words that would make many wonder where she learned them. Meanwhile back in Mock town a figure could be seen walking in the middle of the road. He had a very special mission, Kill the brat that dared mess with his captain. Smirking the figure knew just how he was going to deal with the girl.

“Just you wait Storm D. Lora. Last time you walked away. However luck is not on your side this time.” The figure stated with a smirk.

Meanwhile on the edge of town, Another figure could be seen making it's way towards Mock Town. Having been giving orders to find the one who had gotten away from the World Governments hands. The man in a blue cape sighed.

“All I can do is go talk to her to see if anyone has been seeing looking like them.” The blue caped man said.

The man then headed to the bar in hopes to get some info. Meanwhile back on the harbor Lora and Star landed.

“Wow check this place out. There's pirate ships everywhere.” Star said looking around.

“Well at least we know this island is safe somewhat.” Lora said as her wings disappeared.

“Well true but still pirates are not people you want to mess with either.” Star said grinning.

“Yea unless they ask you to become their daughter.” Lora said rolling her eyes.

“Still on that, Come on lets go see what this island has.” Star said running ahead.

“Oi wait up crazy fox wolf.” Lora said running.

Back in Mock town the mystery man in the blue cape finally makes it to Dusk bar. Walking in the place looks somewhat run down but still standing. He then walks over to the far left side of the bar as a few pirates was enjoying their drinks. The woman looks over and raises an eye brow before making her way over to the mystery man.

“What are you doing here? Better have a good reason or I'm throwing you out Rick.” The woman says.

“Well I figured I'd stop in to see an old friend. Along with a few other things Sally”. The man known as Rick snickered.

The woman now known as Sally rolled her eyes. She then took a seat after glaring at the pirate who was trying to listen in, They got the picture because they got up from their spot and moved to the table at the door and sat down.

“Well at least some know when to be smart, Fine what is it Rick I know this isn't a social call, Now is it Rick?” Sally questioned as her eyes narrow.

Rick sighed before shaking his head.

“It is not however I need to ask if you seen this girl?” Rick questioned pulling out a wanted poster.

Sally grabs the poster and takes a look at it. Her eyes narrow before raising an eye brow.

“Don't you think this bounty is a little high, What the girl do break out of Imple Down?” Sally questioned setting the wanted poster down.

“Nope though it wouldn't be a shock if she could. However what “he” thinks is she escaped from a marine base. I'm now searching for her to see what she can do and if she wishes to join.” Rick stated picking the bounty poster up.

“Well no one looking like hers been here. Have you tired searching else where.” Sally stated taking a drink.

“Well I've searched two islands so far, And I've gotten no where. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but a mission is a mission.” Rick stated sighing.

Sally once again rolled her eyes, Meanwhile outside the bar Lora and Star are looking around, They don't notice a figure leaning against the wall wearing a black cape staring daggers at the pair. The figure then started to head towards Lora and Star.

“Finally I found you brat, Time to die.” The figure thinks before running towards Lora while bring out the knife that has poison on the blade.

“Lora look out,” Star barks.

Lora doesn’t react in time and gets a cut on her arm. She then growls and dodges the next attack.

“What is your problem you prick.” Lora asks annoyed.

“You are filthy whore. Now die,” The figure sneers while stabbing her in the arm.

Lora growled out and kicked the man in the chest. Pulling out the dagger she sneered.

“You think this is gonna kill me, I'll send you flying.” Lora sneered dropping the dagger.

“Ow I'd like to see you try brat.” The figure stated smirking.

Inside the bar Rick was asking Sally about wanting to join the mission, Just then a loud thud was heard from outside.

What in the hell?” Rick questioned raises an eyebrow.

“Some idiots must be fight best go take a look.” Sally stated with a sneer.

Meanwhile back outside Lora was glaring daggers at the figure. Just as she was about to attack again as a voice growled out.

“What in the hell is going on.” Sally questioned glaring at the pair.

“None of your business b*tch.” The figure smirked pulling out the dagger that was in Lora's shoulder.

Lora bit her lip from crying out as it hurt worse then the first one, Though as she looked at the dagger she could see it was made from sea stone.

“It is MY business seeing as your fighting in front of MY bar.” Sally stated glaring daggers at the figure.

The figure smirked before looking at Lora, Lora glared right back at the figure gripping her newer wound.

“You might have gotten lucky this time b*tch. However next time you won't be.” The figure states before walking off.

“Damn what you do to piss that dude off?” Star questioned looking at lora.

“I I have no idea but damn it hurts.” Lora stated biting her lip.

Sally remembering the two looks at the pair with slight annoyance.

:Get in you two.” Sally stated leaving no room for an argument.

Lora and Star looked at each other half thinking of making a run for it. Sally growled making them jump.

“I won't say it again get inside before I force you inside.” Sally stated looking at the odd pair.

Lora swallowed and was about to make a run for it, However Sally grabbed her arm and dragged her into the bar making Star having to follow. Star herself wanted to bite the lady but knew it would cause more trouble for Lora if she did.

“Got the brat she needs patched up too.” Sally said pushing Lora into a chair.

“Hey what the hell lady, Who the hell are you people and what the hell you want?” Lora questioned sneering.

“Names Sally and that bone head over there is Rick.” Sally stated picking up a cola.

“It is nice to meet you Storm D. Lora, It is also an honor to finally meet you in person. As she said my name is Patrick or Rick.” Rick said with a small smile.

“Ok how the hell do you know my name. And what the hell do you want?” Lora questioned trying to remain calm.

Sally rolled her eyes as she brought out a bowl of warm water.

“Well Dragon-san wished to see if you wanted to join. Also just seeing what kind of girl you are.” Rick stated cleaning off the stab wound on her arm.

“W-wait you mean Dragon as in the worlds most wanted man Dragon.” Lora stated hissing.

“Yes him dear also it might hurt a bit.” Rick said looking at the wounds.

“I I don't know why does it matter.” Lora asked not looking over.

“What you got a problem Brat?” Sally growled looking ready to attack.

“No it I, Damn it I don't want to fight for anyone. I never did. Well I guess at first when I broke out I guess I wanted to get payback but now. I just don't know.” Lora said looking down.

“Well it is your life dear. Whatever you decide you should do.: Rick said stitching up the stab wounds.

Lora bit her lip from crying out. Rick smiled as he finished up.

“There we go it should be good in a few days. Just be careful when move your arm. Though it may seem odd but it's a good thing both stab wounds are on the same side.” Rick said putting things away.

Lora gave a small smile before looking around.

“Ma'am w-where's your bathroom?” Lora asked looking at Sally.

“Just over there.” Sally said pointing to a door.

Lora nodded before getting up and heading to the door. Once it was closed Sally looked at Rick.

“Well that was different.” Sally stated looking at Rick.

“It is odd, However we shouldn't judge her on how she wants to live her life. Besides she isn't the only who had it rough.” Rick stated with a smirk.

“Oh shut up before I throw you out.” Sally growled.

Meanwhile inside the bathroom Lora was finishing up and wqs looking at herself in the mirror, She couldn't understand why she felt even worse then before. Shaking her head she made her way out of the bathroom to hear Rick laugh, Just then the two heard a thud and turned over to see Lora leaning against a table.

“Miss Lora?” Rick questioned worried.

“I I'm fine d-don't get up.” Lora stated waving while trying to stand.

Rick could see and tell she was far from fine. He then got up and went over to her helping her returning to the seat she was once in.

“I know it might be hard to trust me, But may I please give you a check up?” Rick said looking at Lora.

Lora you ok? Star barked.

“Yyea I im fine no no worry bout me.” Lora said waving her hand once more.

“Please let me at least take a look just to be on the safe side.” Rick stated smiling softly.

“F-fine n-no get what rtrouble is bout.” Lora stuttered out.

Rick gave another soft smile before looking towards Sally.

“Is there a place where I could take her so she doesn't feel so odd?” Rick questioned Sally.

Sally's eye twitched but she nodded. Rick gave her a small smile before helping Lora up and following Sally. Star not wanting to stay behind followed them to a room in back.

“Let me know if ya find anything.” Sally said before walking out.

Rick sighed before putting his bag on the side table as Lora took a seat on the bed. After a few minutes Rick found the tools he was looking for and started to give Lora a check up while Star watched him by the door. After 20 minutes Rick stepped back and frowned, Not only could he not find anything that was linked to what was causing Lora pain. He couldn't even see anything besides the stab wounds that would make her lose her hearing, It was a puzzle that couldn't be figured out.

“I can't seem to find anything dear that would explain why your in pain or why you lost some of your hearing. If you allow me I could check your blood to see if there's anything that shouldn't be there.” Rick stated looking at Lora.

Lora bit her lip while she looked down. She got the just of what he was saying. However she wasn't to fond of any kind of needle. No matter what the use of them was for.

“I I just I don't know.” Lora said tearing up

“Well I can't really help if I don't know what is wrong.” Rick stated feeling a bit guilty.

Lora nodded before holding her other arm out. Rick gave a small smile before wrapping a rubber band on her arm then drawing some blood. Lora looked away when he did that and after Rick was done she finally took a few breaths.

“You done good dear.” Rick said with a small smile.

Lora smiled as well before pain made itself really known in the upper and lower part of her stomach. She paled when her eyes became fuzzy.

“I think it would be best if you waited here and rested while I try to find what's wrong.” Rick said frowning.

Lora nodded to scared to say anything fearing it would come out wrong. Rick helped her get her shoes and bags off and placed them by the bed. After helping her under the covers Rick left the room.

Lora?” Star barked before getting into the bed.

“I I'm fine Star n no worrying w we be out here not time.” Lora stuttered though inside she wasn't so sure.

Rick sighed hearing what Lora said then made his way to the bar area.

“So hows the brat?” Sally questioned annoyed.

“I don't know something's wrong with her but I can't tell, I need a bit of time to check her blood.” Rick stated worried.

Sally sighed before rolling her eyes.

“I'll keep watch of the brat, Do what you must I've closed the bar down early after dealing with a few punks.” Sally said looking over.

“Thank you I don't think you will need to do anything more then check in on her. I'll work fast to find out what's wrong.” Rick said getting to work setting an area up.

Sally rolled her eyes before going to the back room, As Rick kept setting up his on the go lab. After getting everything ready he then started to check Lora's blood for any normal poisons used. A few hours later Sally ran out from the back looking very worried. Rick looking up and noticing Sally's face he put down what he was doing.

“She's worse isn't she.” Rick said not even asking a question.

“Her body is spazing and she seems to have lost her hearing as well. What ever is going on with her it's painful.” Sally said.

Rick nodded while removing his goggles and following Sally back to the bedroom where he left Lora. Once there he spotted Lora spazing on the bed and rushed over to her.

“Damn it what could be causing these type of reaction?” Rick asked to the air.

“Well the past week I heard of a poison that called the slightly killer. Though I'm unsure who it was from.” Sally said crossing her arms.

Rick growled before sighing.

“I don't know if this is a wise idea, However forcing her to deal with this without any help. I can't and won't as a doctor.” Rick stated as his eyes narrow.

“What do you plan to do then. Even if you could knock her out you won't be able to take all the pain away.” Sally stated with a frown.

“Maybe not but at least I'd be able to take the edge off. In my back there's a mouth guard can you go get it.” Rick asked changing a few of his finger nails into needles.

Lora couldn't hear what was going on nor could she see, though she knew both Rick and Sally was near. She just wish she could get her body to obey her, She was also scared due to not knowing what was going on outside her dark and quiet world. Meanwhile Sally growled but went and got what he asked for while Rick poked Lora with the made needles. After injecting a good amout of dark purple liquid he then removed the needles and returned his nails back to normal as Sally returned with the mouth guard and handed it to Rick.

“Do you think it will work,” Sally asked looking at Lora.

Rick placed the mouth guard in Lora's mouth to make sure she didn't bite her tongue when she spazed. He then stood up.

“We can only hope and pray it does. Now I gave her enough to stay out a good two three days at the most. I'm going back to see if I can figure this out before it's to late.” Rick stated before walking back to the front.

Sally sighed before taking a seat and looking at Star who got back onto the bed and whined.

“Don't even think about going to the bathroom on there.” Sally growled.

Star didn't even look at Sally. Lora herself had tried putting up a fight against the tiredness, however she lost that battle as Rick's Devil Fruit power won over sending her to sleep.

“Lora,” Star whined before putting her head on her paws.

Sally sighed before looking out the window. She started to wonder if the knife had poison on it. Shaking her head she got in a comfy spot knowing it was going to be a long wait.

The next day.

Sally rubbed her face and stood up, The whole night before was nothing but trouble it seemed. Not only was the girl more annoying Sally also couldn't understand how anyone could lose a huge amount of blood and still be alive. Sally looked over at Lora who seemed to be in a coma state, However it was due to Rick using his Devil Fruit. Sighing she went to the front to see if Rick made any progress.

“Find anything yet.” Sally asked crossing her arms.

Rick looked up from where he was sitting and sighed.

“Well earlier I went and asked around about the slightly killer. Turns out there's a poison called Black Death aka The Slightly killer. Getting a small sample wasn't easy. However that is what was used. That bastard whoever he was must have had it on the knife he used. From what I heard. She might not make it.” Rick stated sighing.

“Figures the bastard would use a slow painful torture then a normal methods like a normal person.” Sally said growling.

“Yea though the sad thing is she's been through allot for this to end up killing her. I just wonder if she would be able to fight this.” Rick said rubbing his face.

“Well if she had the will to survive whatever they put her through then she might survive this. It is possible right?” Sally questioned looking over.

“The chances of her living after it works through her system are one in a million. However like Ivankov said many times. Miracles can happen to anyone as long as they have the will to overcome anything. We just have to believe that she is that type of person.” Rick stated standing up.

“Man I hate when your right. Well whatever guessing there's no breaks is there.” Sally said with a smirk.

“No until she either wakes or dies I'm gonna try and find a way to cure her. From what I heard we got a rough few days to look forward to.” Rick said looking at the table.

“Oh Joy.” Sally stated as her eye twitched before heading back to the bedroom.

Rick sighed again before trying to make a cure for Black Death. However after three hours and nearly melting the table Rick could only sigh before taking yet another look at the notes he write up.

“There has to be something but what.” Rick asked to no one.

The next three days was something Sally would never wish to repeat, Despite not having to deal with pirates bad mouthing Dragon she was always on her toes for one reason or another. Other then keeping the girl from bleeding to death. Many times in the two days Rick and Sally didn't think Lora would make it. And just when Rick was checking her plush seeing it was hardly there on the third day. Lora blotted up wide eyed and tried to scream but she had already screamed herself horse on the first day. Rick seeing that she was alive though not awake helped Lora lay back down before putting a small rag over her mouth and nose. It didn't take long until Lora was out again. Rick then gained a small smile and after changing the bandages on her arm, shoulder and stomach area he then went out to the front where Sally was resting.

“She just woke up but now she's sleeping again. She made it through the hell.” Rick said grinning.

“Good now if you don't mind shut it.” Sally said growling.

Rick laughed before taking a seat. He then put his head on his arms and his breathing even out. Sally either didn't notice or seem to care as she also fell asleep at the table she was sitting at. The next two days passed and by then Lora and Star seemed to be caught up with everything that happened. Though Lora had little memory of being poisoned, Star for her part was excited Lora was alive and well. After getting dress and going to the front of the bar Lora stood feeling very awkward.

“I ummm you t-thanks for umm e-everything.” Lora said looking at the floor while bowing

“It was nothing girly just don't expect it again.” Sally said rolling her eyes.

Rick sighed before shaking his head.

“It was nothing dear, But are you sure you don't want to consider the offer.” Rick questioned looking at Lora.

“I well it's nothing against you or umm him I just well, M-mister Whitebeard already offered a family. I ummm w-well I haven't ya know and everything.” Lora said picking at her bag.

“Well if you ever change your mind let us know. “Rick said giving her a smile.

Lora chewed on her lip but nodded her head. She then bowed again before her and Star left the bar.

“That girl is the oddest person that has ever stepped foot into this bar.” Sally stated with a growl.

“Indeed but no one can force her to do something against her wishes.” Rick stated with a smirk.

Sally rolled her eyes before kicking Rick out of her bar. Meanwhile Lora and Star made their way to the beach and looked at the water.

“So what now?” Star questioned looking at Lora.

“Anymore I don't know, I guess the answer is in the wind.” Lora stated growing her wings.

Star grinned before the two jumped into the air and flew away from the island. As they flew away a figure in a green cape watched them. Rick wearing his blue cape walked up behind the figure.

“Indeed child the answer is in the wind. Any news Rick?” The figure questioned not looking over.

“Well Sir I did find a few things and after asking if she wished to join she said no, However I told her if she changed her mind to let me know.” Rick said bowing.

“I see thank you. I will see you when you return.” The figure stated before disappearing.

“Understood Sir.” Rick said looking at the sky.

The wind then blew a calm breeze across the water as Star and Lora flew towards their next stop on their journey.

The end!

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