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Ferrum Eisen

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Name: フェラム・アイセン (Feramu Aisen)
Age: 56 (Pre-Time skip) 58 (Post-Time skip)
Occupation: Pirate
Crew: Steel Pirates
Position: Captain
Current Bounty:


Devil Fruits: Kata Kata no Mi
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Ferrum Eisen was the main antagonist of his own arc and the captain of the Steel Pirates. He has consumed the Kata Kata no Mi. He currently spends his time in Impel Down Level 2: Wild Beast Hell.


Ferrum is a huge, bulky man who takes pride in having "the sturdiest body on earth." He wears simple grey shorts and a red belt with a white stripe and an emblem with his initials on it.

When he activates his Devil Fruit powers, his body turns deep black, like Vergo's Busoshoku Haki.

Currently, he wears the same Impel Down clothing: striped black and white shirt and trousers. 


Ferrum, despite his appearance isn't exactly a cruel person to his crewmates. He cares for Redox, his subordinate, and got deeply angry upon his defeat, which made him extremely dangerous to Alpha.

However, as aforementioned, he is quite cruel to his opponents, especially those who have harmed his crewmates.

He is also quite arrogant, as he laughed when the Marine Captain's attack failed against his Devil Fruit powers.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ferrum's bounty of Bsymbol27,000,000 is evidence of his strength. He was also able to fight on par with Alpha D. Beta for a while, although he was defeated in the end.

Devil FruitKata Kata no MiEdit

He has eaten the Kata Kata no Mi, which allows him to harden anything at will.



Ferrum cares greatly for his crew; once his subordinate Redox was defeated by Ned, he got extremely pissed off to the point that he took his rage out on Smoker's battleship.

Toxic PiratesEdit

It was stated by Redox that the Toxic Pirates were their rivals.


Grand Line SagaEdit

Chapter IEdit

Major BattlesEdit

  1. Ferrum Eisen <VS> Alpha D. Beta


  • Ferrum Eisen's name is derived from iron; the Latin name is Ferrum, while the German name is Eisen.
    • The metal's durable properties inspired the Kata Kata no Mi's powers, though it was changed to an attribute similar to Luffy and Vergo's Busoshoku Haki.
    • Although not intentional, his name's initials make up the initials for iron, which is Fe.

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