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Faust after being imprisoned by Dragon.
Name Faust
Kanji パウスト
Rōmaji Fausuto
Epithet The Black Dragon
Race Human
Birthdate January 3rd
Age Unknown

Male Male

Height 6'10"
Weight 234 lbs.
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Strange cracks along body/face.
Professional Status
Affiliation Self
Previous Affiliation Revolutionary Army
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Marital Status Single
Alignment Evil
Bounty 890,000,000
Haki Busoshoku
Rokushiki Rokuogan
Devil Fruit Gura Gura no Mi
Are you watching, Dragon?! Watching as I destroy the world you carefully bult?!

Faust (パウスト, Fausuto) is the former leader of the Revolutionary Army and the main antagonist of One Blue: The Movie. Originally handiing over his post to Monkey D. Dragon, Faust was angered at the changes Dragon made and attempted to retake his old position, before being defeated by the collective Army. Faust was then imprisoned on Trap Island before being accidently freed by The Dream Pirates

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