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Sid is a teenage boy, with a slightly gawky appearance and still growing stature that goes with being a teenager. He is fair skinned, almost pale in appearance, with messy black hair, that he cuts of before it gets too long and bright blue eyes. A very prominent feature of his appearance are his exceedingly sharp canines, made even more easily identifiable with him due to his tendency to be always laughing, with his teeth easily visible to all. He is of above average height, though as he is still young he ought to grow even taller as time passes. The same goes for his physique as his body is yet to fully flesh out and attain its full stature.

He normally dresses in a casual manner, mostly in a light tee-shirt under a blue hoodie and a pair of black jeans. A white jacket with big pockets is worn over the hoodie, a pair of black gloves, which leave the tips of his fingers open, are worn on both hands and white sneakers on his feet. But from time to time he also wears slightly more formal clothes consisting of a white shirt, black pants, a black necktie and a black jacket.


Sid Casual
Sid's casual clothing.
Sid Formal
Formal attire.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit


Sid Joker

Sid's playful personality.


Sid Marines

Sid with his "brother".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Further information: Haki

Devil FruitEdit

Main Article: [[|]]


Sid Sword

Sid's sword.

Sid possesses an so far unnamed katana with a purple colored hilt. Its tsuba is almost rectangular in shape and projects out parallel to the flat surface of the blade, with small protrusions along the perpendicular direction. Its sheath is also purple in color with metal patterns on it in gold. Chase normally keeps it wrapped in a red cloth case that he carries slung on his back.

Culinary ExpertiseEdit

Sid Cook

Sid's culinary skills.

Major BattlesEdit



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