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"The first rule of intelligence is to make sure the enemy don't know what you've learned." - Ericka
Personality and Relationships

Ericka Lang
Ericka Lang (face)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Blood type: AB Negative
Birthdate: 8th March
Height: 5 foot 9 inches (175.26 cm)
Island of Origin: Bevakare ö
Occupation: [[The Ascendant Marines (KDAU)|Marine], Lieutenant.
Epithet: The All Seeing Eyes
Crew: Gabriel's Guardians, Flotilla 28
Position: Lieutenant, Adjutant to Vice Admiral Iustita
Family: Non surviving
Specialism: Wushu Master, Chain Whip Wielder, Intelligence Expert & Analyst
Dream: To become the Chief of the Marine Intelligence Division.
Devil Fruit
Rinku Rinku no Mi
Japanese Kanji: リンクリンクの実
English Name: Link Link Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: To link their mind with another's and see what the other knows and thinks, via a form of telepathy.
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Ericka is a rather bossy person who has no problem with giving orders to those who out rank her. She regularly displays this trait with her Vice Admiral, whom she bosses about most days making sure he doesn't miss anything in his administrative duties.

Ericka is meticulous



Gabriel's GuardiansEdit

Gabriel's Guardians are a team of elite officers under the personal command of Gabriel Iustita, that act like pillars of strength throughout his command structure. When in battle his guardians act like rallying points for the weaker marines and the guardians know that they are required always to go to the toughest points on the battlefield.

Gabriel IustitaEdit

Gabriel is the Vice Admiral in command of the 4th Ascendant Marine Fleet, he is the commander of the Guardians as well as a member.

First MeetingEdit

Gabriel and Ericka first met when he became a Captain and became the first unofficial member of Gabriel's Guardians. Ericka


Gabriel and Ericka are very close as they work together everyday and on most ships Ericka is given a side room off of Gabriel's quarters. Ericka tries to be as formal as possible with Gabriel when the two are interacting in an official capacity, however if she believes Gabriel is being too easy going she has no problems putting him in his place. The pair trust each other completely

Julia AitkenEdit

Julia is the commodore of the 1st Flotilla and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

First MeetingEdit

Raphael BeauchampEdit

Raphael is the commodore of the 2nd Flotilla and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

First MeetingEdit

Amii KolachovaEdit

Amii is Raphael's adjutant an ensign and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

First MeetingEdit

Raziel IustitaEdit

Raziel is a captain in the 3nd Flotilla and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

First MeetingEdit



Blackbeard Pirates (2nd Generation)Edit

The Blackbeard Pirates are the primary enemy of the 4th Ascendant Marine Fleet in The War of West Blue, as the right hand of the commander of said fleet she is a high priority target for the Blackbeard Pirates.